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Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Want More Class Stories

Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Want More Class Stories

Posted time: Feb 22,2017

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The story is an interesting aspect that depends on the game you play. Some games need a story to make it credible, but some game stories are meaningless or so complicated that you have to do multiple playthrough just to figure it out. Then, in MMOs and MMORPGs, the story is often adjusted to a primary event, or in some cases, to the class you are playing right now. The latter has not been enough for the Star Wars: Old Republic players.

As Reddit users DarksideModerator says, he wants SWTOR to have more classroom-centered storylines. Obviously, he admitted that the game gave it to the three stories of the course, but with the recent release of the Knights of the Eternal Throne, it was "means" that the story was very compulsive to him. Not only that, but it seems suitable for the particular class in the game.

For example, playing a non-obligatory user (neither Jedi or Sith) seems to be "inappropriate" among the Knights of the Eternal Throne lore, proving that this expansion and previous expansions did not take full account of these classes before that.

Other players weighed in this on Reddit. They also want to have more class story content, citing previous story acts such as  Vanilla or the Hutt Cartel as the best Star Wars: The Old Republic's story run. However, they feel the real reason that this is not a focus because the player does not care about the story but just wants to focus only on the leveling up.

This is part of the MMO and MMORPG culture. There will always be a conflict between those who want more stories and those who want strict game content. 

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