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Elder Scrolls Online Already Gets Up To 8.5 Million Players Right Now

Elder Scrolls Online Already Gets Up To 8.5 Million Players Right Now

Posted time: Feb 16,2017

2.16eso 8.5 Million Players.

Zenimax said that the Elder Scrolls had already sold 1.5 million copies in the past eight months or so.

And at an Elder Scrolls Online press conference, Matt Firor confirmed to our own Bill Murphy that the game was sporting with 8.5 million players. In E3 2016, ESO had 7 million players, and since then it has grown by 1.5 million. This number is based on the sales of the unit, rather than the simple registration account count.

According to Firor, the population is fairly balanced across all platforms. At present, the Elder Scrolls Online is available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One.He did not mention the number of active players or active subscription numbers. So, after the start of the crumbling, the Elder Scrolls Online seems to have been from strength to strength.

Zenimax made things around available by making a subscription optional, and then through the very successful release of the game on the console. Earlier this month, it announced that the next major expansion of the game would be likely to bring more players to Morrowind.

Firor told us in August last year, "we have released since E3, we have now 7 million people played, and this figure is higher."

"So we have a very big community, and I think it really drops to learn by listening to players over the last two years; they really want, and by looking at the game's metrics and everything to assess how they play.

"Read the forums, read the direct feedback, figure out what they are saying and make the content and the system to meet this, and I think we really, really, really good, have a little bit of success. In the direction of better development, which is what we do."

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