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Using HoloLens AR Headset As Second Screen To Play Final Fantasy XIV

Using HoloLens AR Headset As Second Screen To Play Final Fantasy XIV

Posted time: Feb 14,2017


User Tanufuku paired Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset with the complex UI of Final Fantasy XIV and made a concept video as how much AR could be useful as a ‘Second Screen’ companion for gaming and more.

Tanufuku has reserved the laptop screen entirely for real-time 3D action, while exploding the game’s dizzying array of interface windows to the surrounding area with HoloLens AR headset. Check out the professional site IGXE.Com to know more and buy cheap FFXIV Gil there.

The idea of a second screen companion came from smartphones. In its early days it struggled, but now one can play a 1080p console title on a smartphone seamlessly and without any disturbance in its stream.

Much like smartphone second screen companion idea, Augmented-Reality too will one day grow to a broader level of advancement. In the concept video, the main 3D part of Final Fantasy XIV is not projected by HoloLens AR headset, because the AR level of advancement is much narrow. If the user Tanufuku would have streamed 3D aspect of game into AR, there would have been disconnection instantly upon slight moment.

The video makes it seem like you’d be able to see all the AR windows in your periphery while looking at the main screen, the actual HoloLens field of view is around 35 degrees diagonally (making its available viewing area much smaller than most static displays that people use in their home today) which means if you replaced the laptop screen with an AR screen, you’d get clipping if you turned your head even slightly (and the AR screen would disappear completely from your field of view if you went to look at the surrounding AR windows).

Additionally, many users will have monitors or TV’s that far exceed the effective resolution of HoloLens AR headset display for some time, and, if you are running a contemporary game, there’s no reason to use a transparent display (which would degrade the quality of the content due to interference with the real world in the background).

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