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The Elder Scrolls Online's Free Player-Housing Is Available Now On PC

The Elder Scrolls Online's Free Player-Housing Is Available Now On PC

Posted time: Feb 09,2017

/2.9 eso homestead

As we know the Homestead expansion is coming to consoles later this month.

While you have to wait a while for the Morrowind extension of the Elder Scrolls online, new content and features are now available in the MMO's PC version.

The game's Homestead extension, a free add-in, which lets you buy a variety of living spaces, comes out of the PC / Mac today. The extension will be released on Feb. 21 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

With the update, players will be able to buy and customize their homes in the game world. The family is instantiated, so you will not compete with other programs to secure a piece of land.

When Homestead launches, there will be about 40 different options, from a small hotel room to a "huge manor with a vast outdoor area. You can even buy an island. Each theme revolves around one of the Elder Scrolls 10 matches , Although there is no restriction on who can buy which one. You can have multiple types, but each type can only have one, and they will all be shared in your account.  

Once you have acquired a home, you will be able to customize it over 2000 pieces of different furniture and decorations, including chairs, beds, books, paintings, lighting and more. These items can be purchased or made (the items you build can then be sold to other players), allowing them to be placed wherever you want. Most items can be purchased with gold or crown, indicating that some will need the crown, which is the premium currency, the cost of real-world money.

When the update is launched by completing the tutorial, all players will get a free home. Read the Homestead coverage before GameSpot to learn more, and you can see it in action through the site IGXE.Com.

The Morrowind expansion of the Elder Scrolls Online comes out in June. Check out the GameSpot report on Extensions for more information or click here to read more.

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