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MORE DLC Is Coming To The Elder Scrolls Online

MORE DLC Is Coming To The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted time: Feb 06,2017

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ELDER SCROLLS Online Morrowind will get a big Super Bowl 2017 on Bethesda's big show, and more DLC is coming to the game later this year. As it reveald that the Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind will be launched by Bethesda on June 6th, adding a ton of new content to the game.

Having released the first detail and official trailer last week, now it has been announced that it will be exhibited during the Super Bowl 2017.

While it has not been announced how much slot ESO will be given, it is known to all that is spends quite a penny on advertising during large US sporting events.It is estimated that during the Super Bowl, 30 seconds of TV advertising space cost about $ 5 million, the studio recently presented a description of what happened in the new Morrowind trailer.

You can read the complete thread from Bethesda below::

At the first moment of the trailer, you hear the Dark Elf assassin Naryu Virian addressing Vivec. As the story unfolds, you first look at what she has been doing since you last traversed the path. Morag Tong Assassin has gone a long way since your first meeting in Deshaan, and she is her own important mission. With Vivec's approval, she has traveled to Vvardenfell's wildlife to pursue her prey: the Grandmaster of the Morag Tong.

Why she was hunting Grandmaster of the Morag Tong, and why she is talking with Vivec about it, is a story that has not been told. A clue to the events that led to the moment in the trailer is in Naryu's magazine, a detailed art book, with a physical copy of the Elder Scrolls online Morrowind Collector Edition. Powerful secrets hidden in the ancient Dwarven ruins, but although Dwemer has gone, their secret is still conservative.

In pursuit of her prey, Naryu fights with Dwarven Spiders and Spheres. In the heat of the battle, the Red Guards Warden joins her in pursuit of the Grandmaster and protect her from the Dwarven construction. He uses a description of Sleet Storm, one of the new Warden abilities. This ability creates a hailstorm around the caster, inflicts damage, and reduces the impact on the Attacker and its allies. At his side there was a ferocious war bear and a powerful frost of natural magic, his disposal, the warden making a mighty ally.

Together, Naryu and the Warden ended the treacherous Grandmaster, fulfilling her contract. But their battle is far from over - when we leave Naryu and the Warden, they are prepared to face a completely different enemy: Dwarven Colossus. You will have the opportunity to battle the ESO: Morrowind in the production hall, a new trial with one such bulky structure.

It follows the announcement that the Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind chapter is just one of the four events to the game in 2017.

This includes

  • Homestead, our player housing DLC, in February
  • ESO: Morrowind, our first Chapter release, in June
  • A dungeon-based DLC in the third quarter
  • A content-based DLC in the fourth quarter

The new DLC and content structure of Elder Scrolls Online are being changed by Bethesda, so it will be different and will include "chapters", an extended version of ESO.

Each Chapter will be available at retail complete with new box art and packaging that will contain both the Chapter and original game. 

However, all standard DLCs will still be purchased from the Crown Store or will be made available to ESO Plus members as part of the subscription.This means that it can be purchased only through retail (including digital retail) games or upgrades, only if you already have ESO, the new chapter content is available.

The Elder Scrolls Online will continue to see quarterly updates of the game each year in the first quarter of the DLC, the second quarter of a chapter, the third quarter of the DLC and the fourth quarter of the DLC.

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