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Does Star Wars: The Old Republic Have Lag Conversion Issue?

Does Star Wars: The Old Republic Have Lag Conversion Issue?

Posted time: Feb 05,2017


With the benefits of technology, we have made great progress till today. Whether it's a clear picture on a TV screen, surround sound in a home or theater, or the world's best video game, the technology does make things better. However, there is a cost, because some people will use technology to hurt others, or deceive. For Star Wars: Old Republic fans, a particular cheat seems to appear more and more ...

This comes from SWTOR's user BeoAzazel, who notes that he has been playing this game for years without major problems. And even said he will be a new role to upgrade to 70 without any problem. But, soon after then, he began to experience the main lag problem, the number of frames per second dropped, but it seems it is only happened to some players.

Although he viewed it as random initially, he noted that other people have experienced this problem soon. So he began to notice that this happened constantly when a player named Toxin Germ approached him on the Ebon Hawk server. Whenever he left, the game was back to normal.

For him, it can not be a coincidence that he reaffirmed that he fought the game fine until he met a 70-player and then lagged to play. Not everyone believes that, but some people think he is not appropriate, he named a person in a forum post, not just reported to the developers.


This is not to say that it is not a real problem. He gets the "nuking", a person uploading an illegal program into a game, overloading the IP address of a player, making their game essentially crash and letting their opponents take advantage. It is this thing that causes 22,000 watchdog accounts to be banned in  South Korea.

Now, we can not say this is exactly what happened in Star Wars: The Old Republic, however, it sounds very similar indeed. Do you play Star Wars: The Old Republic? Welcome to buy cheap SWTOR Credits on IGXE.Com.

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