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Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Hold Memorials for Carrie Fisher By Gathering In-Game

Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Hold Memorials for Carrie Fisher By Gathering In-Game

Posted time: Dec 28,2016


Star Wars fans are getting together in-game online in Star Wars: The Old Republic to hold memorials for Carrie Fisher, the actress who played Princess Leia, following her passing.

The Star Wars fans all over the world are grieving today as the actress Carrie Fisher passed away at the age of 60 after suffering a heart attack on the Christmas weekend. Although she appeared in a large number of films, Fisher is best known for her iconic role as Princess Leah in the Star Wars movie series. Star Wars fans expressed their sorrow and sympathy for the family of the actress on the Internet, and now fans in the Star Wars: the Old Republic are coming together to hold a vigil for their fallen princess.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic The Reddit community arranged many souvenirs for Cary Fisher in the game. Memorial is being held on multiple servers, including  The Ebon Hawk, The Harbinger, and The Shadowlands. Every souvenir is held at Alderaan's castle organ to commemorate the characters the fisherman brings to life, the princess - and later, the general - Leia Organa. The organizers welcome members of any camp and are struggling to keep the robot in trouble for low-level players.

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This large MMO game is set over 3,600 years before the events of the actual film franchise, however that has not prevented the playerbase from  coming together in memory of the legendary actress and character.

Note that the Reddit user bstr413, the player's drive on the Ebon Hawk server travels to Alderaan's Organa Castle, which is the home world of Princess Leia. These players gathered to express their respect, and Reddit users CandianWomble put it in memorial posts, "At this moment, no Republic or Empire - only fans."

Various rituals and gatherings include kneeling and fireworks, and other souvenirs take place throughout the server. Even though the community suffered huge losses with Carrie Fisher's death, it is clear that she will always be remembered for inspiring by so many!

Star Wars fans, how are you coping with this loss? Buy SWTOR Credits and join them to remember the Princess Leia now!

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