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‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Patch 3.5, The Far Edge Of Fate Come In Mid-January 2017

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Patch 3.5, The Far Edge Of Fate Come In Mid-January 2017

Posted time: Dec 27,2016


"Final Fantasy XIV" producer and director Naoki Yoshida revealed information about the patch 3.5, The Far Edge Of Fate, scheduled for release in mid-January 2017.

"Final Fantasy XIV" will have a two-part patch, the first part of the patch arriving on January 17th, and the second part of the plan to arrive at sometime in March. Yoshida shows many of the new features of the patch, as well as an example of a battle with Zurvan's pilot and a look at Alliance raid.

A surprise reveal for "Final Fantasy XIV" was shown in the form of collaboration for themed outfits designed by Keita Amemiya of GARO. In addition, Amemiya will join Ivalice creator Yasumi Matsuno, designed in the storm expansion in the 24-man league.

The cooperation between GARO and "Final Fantasy XIV" will also cover the special glamour mounts. Therefore, both genders will be able to use the items, and all work will have accompanying gears designed for each job. The items can be obtained through Gold Saucer or PvP.

"Final Fantasy XIV" Patch 3.5 implementation

After the implementation of Patch 3.5, the current Exploratory Missions content will be terminated and revised. The Exploratory Missions revamped content will be in the patch 3.5, The Far Edge Of Fate.

Please be assured that the items currently owned and acquired in the current Exploratory Missions can still be obtained after Part 2 of Patch 3.5. In addition, Exploratory Missions will be divided into two categories: Hunting and gathering, according to Dual Shockers.

There will be rewards in the Exploratory Missions such as spoils or equipmentmay might be gained by having an NPC unlock a locked box, which will randomly generate device statistics. All item rewards for completing explorations will be automatically reflected in the inventory. According to Nova Crystallis, when defeating the monster, Treasure boxes may also appear randomly.

Players are also notified that there will be multiple spontaneous combat events, samely, once a particular zone will trigger a particular attack once a limit is broken, the key is to find a way to fight a big boss.

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