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The Best ‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Mods

The Best ‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Mods

Posted time: Dec 14,2016

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The Elder Scrolls Online has become one of the best games that fans can play their  favorite "Elder Scrolls" characters and travel the world of the video game with no limits. Since it's a franchise for games, fans really love to put mods in it, making it more fun for them to play. The following are the four best mods that they can install in this game.

"Elder Scrolls Online" insMobs2Level 

For players who want to get records of their experience after a kill, they can install the insMobs2Level mod to "The Elder Scrolls Online." According to ESOUI's official website, it adds the experience gained readout to the chat log after they kill a mob, and it is great for those who calculate their experience gain during battles.

"Elder Scrolls Online" Wykkyd's Outfitter

The Wykkyd's Outfitter mod is a useful package that provides convenience to the "Elder Scrolls Online" player in terms of outfit sets. For those who want to change outfits on the go without going through the menu, this mod will allow them to do that. They can bind their configurations to a key, which allows them to change immediately.

"Elder Scrolls Online" Wykkyd's Framework

The Wykkyds framework is a necessary mod for "Elder Scrolls online" players who want to mobilize their games. It adds a lot of UI options and Bazgrim toolbars to show the current time, frame rate, position, XP to next level, inventory space, gold and more details. This basically compresses all the important details that the player needs to know in the game.

"Elder Scrolls Online" Foundry Tactical Combat

The Foundry Tactical Combat mod is a very important one for "Elder Scrolls Online." It adds important combat data like floating damage text, low health, magicka, stamina notices, and has simpler bars.

"Elder Scrolls Online" next update is Homestead

In other news related to the "Elder Scrolls Online", the next big update for the video games will be called Homestead. According to the official website of the video game, it will launch in February, and it will include the player housing an impressive way. The family in the game will be based on the account, so all the characters can use them, and they can buy as many as they like. 

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