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‘Guild Wars 2’ Updates on PVP Changes And “Wintersday” Events

‘Guild Wars 2’ Updates on PVP Changes And “Wintersday” Events

Posted time: Dec 12,2016

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Welcome to the fantastic world of Tyria, where updated regularly for Guild Wars 2, like an improved PVP system. December 13, players not only receive new updates, they also get a "Wintersday" event! We will vreak them both down at  one time.

PVP Changes

The PVP league for season 5 will be launched on Tuesday, December 13, the previous PVP system is based on "pips" - a way to average-level approach. The aim was to normalize the stadium, but the result was not ideal. Therefore, the new system will allow a more appropriate match based on skill levels. Even if the reward will be more consistent, which is a common complaint of PVP players. It will be divided into categories such as bronze, silver and gold like other competing games and will depend on the placement match. Definitely not an innovative system, but the use of matching rating has become the standard of many games. It also means that there will be no longer a ranking arena with crazy strong prefabricated groups.

The new PVP system also includes an introduction to "Decay". The old "pip" based system does not have the same type of decay, often leading people to losing the entire split because of inactivity. And even loses still gained experience to the next reward tier, creating a non-incentive to win. So, ArenaNet includes a new currency that will allow you to purchase a rising armor and even a new set of armor! This suddenly creates a real incentive.

There are a few more other changes which can be found on the official website or if you are unterested in, welcome to visit IGXE.Com for more details.

Wintersday Events

If the PVP is not your style, then engage in Wintersday fun! There will be gifts, donations Skritt, Toypocalypse, Tyrians singing, snowball fights and winter jump puzzles! All of this is released on December 13th and can be found in Divinity's Reach.

Donations Skritt has three levels of donations to help Tyria children in need have a good holiday. This is an easy way to earn free Achievement Points.

Toypocalypse is an example where players set up cannons and snowman protection gifts, Dolyaks. After fighting the waves of the enemy, a boss called Toxx appears. Eventually, the player defeats the boss once his slave is destroyed.

Next is the choir activity. Appropriate naming, the player's goal is to successfully complete the song.

PVP is not fun unless the player throws a snowball to each other. The goal is to score 500 points before another team. There are three different types of abilities, so try them out!

Finally, there are jumping puzzles, a brutal mistress, if the children are not good. The player suffers frostbite debuff, and the platform crashes under your body. You will get your gift by the end.

ArenaNet definitely brings their A-game, improving the game by listening to the player's feedback. Tyrians are excited about the PVP updates but for more details, please look at the official page. Also, make sure to dress warm for the Wintersday event, and play safely during this holiday season, don’t be defeated by frostbite!  In addition, there are a lot of  Eggnog and Apple Cider to carry you through the bitter cold.

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