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SWTOR fans Claim That PVP Was Broken

SWTOR fans Claim That PVP Was Broken

Posted time: Dec 08,2016

SWTOR Fans Claim PvP is Broken

A thread posted yesterday on the SWTOR raised a question about "Star Wars: The Old Republic", which related to the state of PvP in the game and the over-performing mercenaries too.

After a long break and then back to the game, the user alienwareguy claimed: “the new gearing system is just totally horrible for thoes who might have a job, or do anything else with their life other than PVE content.”  As a pvper, the gear in the swtor is always enough, I can get the gear as well, and even when the device alts .. This is not the case ... I must say that it is really nice to be a pvper before this patch, now gearing in SWTOR just took a turn for the worst.”


The thread posted yesterday refers to the MMORPG of the PvP portion of the imbalance, where lengthy posts are further referred to the damaged class balance, especially the excess performance. Denarious Jay agrees with the presence of OP Mercs, commented: “I don’t even see Mercs kiting anymore in WZs. They get guarded, and just stand there and face tank everyone with all the new defensive buffs and healing they have now.”

Not all members of the community think so, including the user Karolinakracka who thinks that mercenaries from the first day there is a tank: "You complain about a class is OP, since the launch has been in the pvp ***. I started from 1.2 Presided over an alcohol therapist, and eventually found it very fun to love me, without being blown up on 4v4. "Forum users Purgamentorum did not respond to claims asserted:" PVP is the best point in years. Mercury healers now have a sorc defense (there is no moment without killing my gods bubble.) Sorcs is playing well enough to equal the mercurists.

What do you think of this? Do you fell that SWTOR is troubled by PvP or over-performing issues? Just feel free to leave your comments below or come to visit IGXE.Com to get some SWTOR credits and experience the game now!

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