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Guild Wars 2: A big Shakeup comes to PVP League with Season 5

Guild Wars 2: A big Shakeup comes to PVP League with Season 5

Posted time: Dec 07,2016

gw2 big shakeup

It is announced totay that Guild Wars 2 is about to revamp its PVP league system with Season 5 launch on Dec. 13. With a new way to measure skills, the new league UI, the new bonus system, and the ranking in the map to play. This is a great experience and you can read all the changes here. We were lucky enough to get the details from PVP game programmer Evan Lesh, and he had a better understanding of these changes.

It is worth noting that the PVP League change is not the only new thing to enter the game this Christmas: the Wintersday Festival is on December 13 to till January 10, for those who did not enter the PVP league.

Let's start with the new matchmaking change. How to get rid of the pips system to make the matches be found earlier? Removing the pip restriction means that the player's matching pool is much larger. Previously, there may be equally skilled players looking for a game at the same time, but they may be too far in order to enter the same game points. Simply say, the more people you can use to match, the better the game will be.

Why only two groups of individuals, not pre-made groups? This change is the result of our vote in the community earlier this year. The vast majority of players line up alone or with friends in PvP and Solo / Double Queues is a highly demanding feature. Restricting the size of the team will result in more average play, while affecting a small number of players.

Dies this likely to turn off the higher competitive people who have built the team? We do not want to push away the established team, we will vote after the Season 5, to determine whether we should keep the team size limit in the league. From there, we will decide on priorities to ensure that we accommodate as many people as possible. The guild squad can still be done in unclassified and off-season Ranked, and players can still organize in the custom arena.

IS Skill rating basically like Elo? Is it account wide or character based? Skill rating is based on the Glicko rating we have been using for matching, which is the successor of Elo. Skill levels also include any decay that the player may accumulate.

When a new season starts, are you placed in a rating and a meaningful department based on past performance? Every new season will begin with a soft reset of last season's skill level, and everyone is close to the global average. If you scored the highest score last season, you will still get the highest score relative to the rest of the season at the start of the season. Scores are also more unstable during placement matching to help players move faster.

The rewards system is changing for the Leagues a lot - why do you made this change? There are differences between reward pips and Skill Rating. This allows us to create the best version of each system. Stopping earning rewards has no fun when you can not improve your skill level because it makes league games less attractive to you anymore. Since pips no longer need to try and track skill levels, they can reward more fun and more tasty ways.

For all the statistical changes to the personal integration system (basically removing the score, which is good for statistical tracking), and are there any charts for these statistics? For the new game statistics, there is no ranking, but we definitely think that more leaderboards will be an interesting addition to the game.

Removing Stronghold from the League seems to be a wise move, and added Skyhammer back, but people are right in love with Stronghold's unique style. Do we see more maps, or see it bring back to rotate? While exploring new map types is valuable, multiple game modes are used effectively in league games to create multiple queues, some of which never compete with each other. This means that the global skill level does not make sense, because you do not know how players get this score. Therefore, it is not possible for the affiliate game to include more than one game.

After knowing all those details of the changes, do you still expect for the new update? If so, welcome to buy GW2 Gold on IGXE and let's wait to play the Guild Wars 2 and witness its advance together!

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