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Players Can Get Their Own House in The Elder Scrolls Online Game World

Players Can Get Their Own House in The Elder Scrolls Online Game World

Posted time: Dec 07,2016


You'll be able to call the Elder Scrolls Online home soon after the upcoming update releases in 2017. And then everyone will get a free home by completing the tutorial.

The Elder Scrolls Online will bring players a big update next year and the "major" update is called Homestead. As its name suggests, it introduces player housing, a popular, oft-requested feature in MMOs. This update allows players to buy and customize their own residences in the game, but usually these will not be technically located in the same world as anyone else; these homes are instantiated, so you will not compete with other programs to secure a piece of land. However, you can invite other players to visit.

When you start building your TESO home base, there will be "nearly 40" unique home options, ranging from a small hotel room to a "huge manor with a vast outdoor area." Each topic revolves around Elder Scrolls' race, although there is no limit to who can buy which one. You can have multiple types, but there is only one for each type, they will all be shared in your account.

Once you have acquired a home, you will be able to customize it over 2000 pieces of different furniture and decorations, including chairs, beds, books, paintings, lighting and more. These items can be purchased or made (the items you build can then be sold to other players), allowing them to be placed wherever you want. "Most" items can be purchased with gold or crowns, suggesting that some will need the crown, which is the premium currency that cost the real world money.

In addition, you can place trophies that you collected from certain tasks, as well as pets, craft stations, assistants and other functional items.

When the update starts by completing the tutorial, all players will receive a free home - probably a little guy. Most people need you to complete the tutorial and achieve some success in the area where your family is located. You may have unlocked some of them while others will still be added.

As with the above items, Bethesda says "the majority" of homes will be sold for gold and crowns. An example of only a Crown purchase is the "ultra-luxury island retreat". Households that can be used for gold and crowns will have no furniture, while the furniture version will be available to the crown. There is no specific price to share, but you can check a home before buying it.

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