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'Guild Wars 2: Living World' Mods Journeys To Shiverpeaks With Content Updates : A Crack In The Ice & Nightmare Fractal

'Guild Wars 2: Living World' Mods Journeys To Shiverpeaks With Content Updates : A Crack In The Ice & Nightmare Fractal

Posted time: Dec 06,2016


"Guild Wars 2: Living World" is taking the gamers into the journey of Shiverpeaks with new content updates on Nightmare fractal, and A Crack In the Ice and more.

"Guild Wars 2: Living World" was released on November 21 Project Reality has recently announced that the game mods are available now. The Mods will incorporate the "Falklands War" into game, including new content updates, such as "Nightmare Fractals" and "A Crack in the Ice."

According to PCGames, the "Nightmare Fractal" will be set in the tower of Nightmares. Players will escort the Mysterious Asura to the core, while fighting several elders atrocities and mechanical terror. As a Level 1 fractal, it should be up to 80 characters by a new level, enough mechanical difficulty will prepare the player for advanced tiers.

Finally, Ensolyss was the last boss of the Fractal, and his second phase turned the fight into a bullet hell, a fatal magic in all places. Players must test their escape skills if they want to conquer this boss at this stage of "Guild Wars 2: The Living World".

The location from the Tower of Nightmares have been adjusted with themes specially redesigned for the game.

From the "Nightmare of the Tower" location has been specifically designed for the theme of the game has been adjusted. "Guild Wars 2: Living World" will reportly receive content updates every two weeks. The content updates will often include new items and irreplaceable events where players are involved. Future updates will introduce the new mechanism of "Guild Wars 2: Living World".

Launched in 2012, "Guild Wars 2" is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game created by Arena Net for Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. It is located in a virtual Terri world, 250 years after the player's overthrow in the northern expanse of the Great Destroyer.

Five Elder Dragons woke up in the period of "Guild Wars,", triggering a widespread annihilation of Tyria. Players have to complete the task of separation of the fate of the edge, hoping to effectively combat the unity of Zhaitan, undead members of the Elder Dragon. After its release in 2012, the game has received constructive feedback and evaluations from critics.

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