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Gamers Unhappy With 'NBA 2K17: After Dark Mode'

Gamers Unhappy With 'NBA 2K17: After Dark Mode'

Posted time: Nov 30,2016


NBA 2K17 launched the much-expecting "After Dark" mode for "My Park" on Saturday night, but the NBA 2K17 failed to provide most counts, according to gamers trying to access the new features.

The 2K’s newest addition Park After Dark, the mode which is part of NBA 2K17’s MyPark, was supposed to add a club-like element with bright neon lights and the latest music in the MyPark playground. 2K even got Snoop Dogg to guest DJ the first edition of Park After Dark, which took place on Saturday Nov. 26.

According to 2K representatives Ronnie 2K and Chris Manning's twitter, the new mode was successful at first with many fans proclaiming it fun and new.  But when going into the first edition of Park After Dark, a lot of issues occured everyday. Such as players are not allowed to come into games or randomly be kicked out, were not fixed. Then many players wrote the lengthy tirade in the social media and Reddit, expressing their dissatisfaction with the press conference.

There were a lot of complaints about Park After Dark.

The After Dark mode was supposed to integrate a virtual party mode into My Park courtesy a concert from rapper Snoop Dogg. However, most gamers never witnessed the concert despite numerous attempts to get into games.

What’s more, players paid exorbitant amounts of VC for Park After Dark accessories and clothing and had to wait for almost an hour before games started. The narrative from those at 2K and the fans who participated in Park After Dark are significantly different. 

Here are some frustrations on twitter from unsatisfied players.

gamers unhappy

It is important to note that many of these issues are faced in the launch night. It's fair to say that the After Dark mode is a disaster. However, 2K will likely fix the bugs in the next few days.

Most players felt disappointed because 2K could not deliver, despite all the hype going to Saturday. Although the After Dark mode is now a regular feature, 2K Sports is expected to play more special occasions with concerts in the past weekend to try this approach. In other words, 2K has a clearer idea, look forward to the future. If 2K releases a new patch to solve the main problems in my park model,it has no nessary to be surprised.

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