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Some SWTOR Players Are Not Satisfied With the New Gearing System

Some SWTOR Players Are Not Satisfied With the New Gearing System

Posted time: Nov 21,2016

SWTOR Players on New Gearing System

A lot of experienced SWTOR players leave PvP dut to the new gear system, which makes the game more easier than the recent updates. The popular MMORPG set after the original Knights of the Old Republic game has been around for quite a long time now, but it seems that the upcoming changes do not satisfy all players.

The player does not satisfied with the new gear system as it can be seen on the official forum. "The new gear system would be awesome," Trixxie Triss said, but apparently it was actually worse than what they expected. "This new system makes SWTOR's PVP much easier, but it means that the skill level of the player into the PVP will be very low at" noob "level, so it leads to the result that a lot of experienced PvP players want to leave.

The bounty-hunter community said that by making PvP easier, new players will not be so "scared" of playing PvP. The game becomes easier, so that fewer people leave the game at the beginning, and through these recent changes, by making PvP easier, they plan to allow more people to play PvP. In this way, more will stay to continue playing the game, but this is likely to make experienced players begin to leave.

But there are some players disagree and said that this new gearing system does not make equipment works faster, but increases the game's "uptime" and makes more content interesting for all types of players. Although there are not many RNGs in this system, "they will add as many RNGs as possible".

By the way, these updates are in progress and many people say PvP will actually die completely. "We have lost 20% of DMG enhancements with PvP expertise, PvP trauma will cut from 35% to 15%," helpmewin and now "said the new gear system in the street is very RNG / dumb. Its STILL program is RNG / Dumb without any change, even when the player complains about testing it, "Kissingaiur said.

SWTOR community is not so big, and make these changes to the game, one day, will reach a level, not only people leave the game, but also the game will not be recommended by the former players.

Perhaps new people may be interested, experienced players will also suggest to come back to play the SWTOR Game, or let new players try when the game is improved. 

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