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Feast of Black Friday

Feast of Black Friday

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Posted time: Nov 17,2016

Feast of Black Friday

 Period: Nov.20 – Nov.29

The promotion is divided into two stages:Nov.20-Nov.24 & Nov.25-Nov.29

 Surprise 1: During Nov.20-Nov.24, all customers can get the corresponding discount for different items. Instead of discount code,

the direct discount can make your shopping journey more pleasant. Discount up to 25%.

Surprise 2: During Nov.25-Nov.29, besides the discount, each customer, in spite of old and new, has chance to get  voucher

with different value according to the order amount.

For the old customer: the first order of each day during the period

For the new customer: the first order during the period

Rule for Vouchers:

$3 order amount more than $30

$5 order amount more than $40

$10 order amount more than $75

$20 order amount more than $130

$30 order amount more than $180

$50 order amount more than $280

All vouchers will be delivered on December 2nd, please kindly wait.


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