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Guild Wars 2: How Can the Players Enhance Their Games Through Community Activities

Guild Wars 2: How Can the Players Enhance Their Games Through Community Activities

Posted time: Nov 15,2016


Guild Wars 2 is often praised for having one of the most supportive and friendly communities in any MMO genre. Sometimes, like the Fofire 490-10, there are three AFK thieves and a chat filled with "Nerf ranger Report Team", you can start to suspect that in all Tyria, anyone can believe! Other times, you have the opportunity to see great things coming out of the community, and in recent months there are some of the biggest examples of what gamers can do in Guild Wars 2 when they're fighting for something.

Today, in a golden arena, surrounded by the cheering fans and a group of enthusiastic competitors,   two guild associations, the European Association and the Society face the ongoing game. The game started with 15 teams, all 15 members (which is 175 participants!), Who faced a turn-based style of competition to compete for the title of the top guild on the European server.

For those of GvG (guild and guild) who you do not know used to be Guild Wars 1 support format and have resurrected players as a variant of world and world game modes. Two equal numbers of teams face each other in a bloodthirsty battle until one team fails or all members are defeated. These groups practice together for months, even years, build their rosters, take over other guilds, and prove what they need to be the best group offered by the Guild Wars.

The game completed by the player has its own rules and timetables, all put together with nothing.Along with many budding streamers, from the guild and not, the game gets an unprecedented follower from the go. The first night of the stream attracted more than seven hundred spectators, which is more than 12% of the audience who watched the PvP World Finals last game! For events that are not supported or promoted by ArenaNet, the power show from the community not only facilitated GvG's better integration into the game, but also facilitated potential collaboration with ESL to bring this small community to the world stage.

If the group of angry sword fighters is not your thing, or if you just happen to have a terrible ghost bones taste, then you should check out the excellent King and Queen Harroween event that took place on October 29th. Run by the electrode Aurora Glade PvE Special Interest Group, this activity includes dozens of fun (and mostly absolutely funny) activities, from the Wickerman scavenger hunt to the brain boiling Skullduggery trivia quiz.


In addition to a huge showcase at the Lion Arches, the event also includes a horrible art competition, a flamboyant costume contest for players to show off their talent, death against lottery, and anything like a good Fashion Wars 2 event. Hosted by a talented and delightful story accompaniment, this story's crazy girl is the player who runs the longest fighting episode and continues to mark it in a grand (and stately) way.

There are dozens of such events in Tyria: Pink Day Raising Funds in Los Angeles for Breast Cancer awareness, MysticBuilds PvP Championships, Jump Puzzle Runs, Weekly Discovery Events, or even just scheduled raid events - as someone has to tell How we promote bloodthirsty seekers - they are open to any type of player, new or veteran.

Community activities like this only help to strengthen community games that have been considered so powerful, and if you take the time to participate (except for a ton of fun that might pick up some sweet, sweet loot), you'll also see a community filled With fun loving, thrilled players. These events are only used to emphasize the MMO community is how wonderful. So the next time you curse the four winds on Pug and urge to kill the rise, just step back and remember if you look around, there are some amazing things happening in Tyria right now, it's not too late to jump into Breach of contract.

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