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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.45 Update: Going Underground - The Palace of the Dead

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.45 Update: Going Underground - The Palace of the Dead

Posted time: Nov 14,2016

Another Final Fantasy XIV Patch: 3.45 brings the gift with the new season of PvP Ranking and the next part of the relic weapons quests chain. But the most important addition is the update to The Palace of the Dead, "Deep Dungeon", released before several patches. Previously limited to the 50th floor, now continues for an astonishing 200, but where are we going? "Hellsward", unlocks the screen declaration, and plays the last expanded title.

No pressure, then. For those who ignore PotD since its introduction, it is a program-generated dungeon. It is not as complex as Diablo - the room is the same shape and size, but it needs FFXIV the best, and packaged into a different package. Magic gains and debuffs are random, traps and enemy positions are constantly changing, spoils ranging from lightweight novelty to some very valuable things.


FFXIV  patch 3.45

One of the great things about XIV is how it handles the alt class. PotD adds another layer that has a separate leveling system that allows you to work from 1 to 60 in one hour or two peaks, providing you have the work you want to unlock. It allows you to 'test drive' a class, and feel all the skills and nuances, then promises to climb to the horizontal cap for a long time. But it is also the level of the competitive environment, the mix of gamers and may not have any work for most people. Both groups can learn a lot from each other and get a fixed bonus to suit their level (gear token or EXP) to complete the floor group.

Now PotD's challenge has been raised, and this is the way anyone, whether a skill or an earlier time commitment, tests himself in a final environment. The video pops up a hundred-page solo on Reddit, which is impressive, but even more impressive is that anyone can do it as long as they have complete games.

In a game where there is a mandatory story, which is a slogan of more than 100 hours, expanding the range of new players can do is not easy. I know a lot of people have just discovered too many tasks in order to see the best of this game provide the main scene, its complex to rotate, its vibrant community, and make sure you never waste your time. Here, you can, and thanks to the deep dungeon provided the finishing gear and the above-mentioned know-how, even brutal levels of players nanny lower-level friends standing to gain a lot of facts.

A welcome side effect of PotD is that it has thinned the number of DPS queueing for normal dungeons, because it’s faster to queue for the Palace with its lack of party composition restrictions, speeding up queue times across the board. Hopefully this will lead to better tanks, too, as opposed to the legions of people who roll a Warrior just for the instant queues.


ff14 3.45

Even if ranked game queues get quicker, unranked games take so long to get started that there’s no meaningful way to practice. The community has done an excellent job of organising days on certain data centres encouraging people to get involved, but Square Enix need to crank up the rewards for casual players, and maybe even push schtick like double EXP weekends. It’s trite, but it’ll get people in.

At the top level this season’s Feast rewards are better than ever, and I’d love to secure them for myself. Better still is the fact that Square have been doing an excellent job cracking down on win trading and other methods of gaming the system, so your ranking means something. It’s a good sign for the future of PotD, too, for if they introduce rewards for the leaderboards (and they should — otherwise, what’s the point?), they’ll presumably protect it from exploiters who want to gatecrash the top spots.

Now all they need to do is crack down on Triple Triad and Verminion win trading and there would be a reason to get good at those, too.

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