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Latest News and Updates of "Star Wars: The Old Republic": Fans Petitioning Netflix Series, New TV Show Coming?

Latest News and Updates of "Star Wars: The Old Republic": Fans Petitioning Netflix Series, New TV Show Coming?

Posted time: Nov 11,2016

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Is the "Star Wars: The Old Republic" Netflix series developing? Any New Star Wars TV show come soon?

Everyone and their Wookie comrades know the name Star Wars. The global iconic science fiction phenomenon has permeated all media entertainment, from feature films, comics, television and video games. But can we see a Netflix adaptation of the hit MMORPG "Star Wars: The Old Republic"?

According to Morning News USA, Netflix shows that the "Star Wars: The Old Republic"  is much closer to an actual possibility than ever before. Star Wars fans from around the world began signing a petition at Change.org to bring the video game series to your local streaming media devices. The petition has earned more than 75,000 signatures.

Fans are interested in the background story "Star Wars: The Old Republic", which can be offered in the TV series as it explores the movie classics for some time; in fact more than 3000 years. The petitioners said they would like to see fans like Revan, Darth Marrake and Barrista live on the screen because they claimed that "If you do not tell these stories will be great harm to us."

According to Slash Film, "Star Wars: The Old Republic" petitioners said they want the program to appear on Netflix, especially for several reasons. Primarily, they feel that high-quality performances Netflix has been able to produce over the years is a major plus. They feel that Netflix will do these stories from the days of past justice and will offer another darker appearance to the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: The Old Republic The topic The television program is closer than ever, but it may not be close enough. The petition is mainly used to show that fans have vested interests in such a possible performance, but unless the petition to obtain the astronomical signature, or Disney will not open this.

However, it is worth mentioning that Lucas Art and Disney have been talking about a new Star Wars themed television program, but the use of the background "Star Wars: The Old Republic" is uncertain. Netflix show may just be theirs in the store, but only time will tell.

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