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Starting XI in Last Week's FIFA 17

Starting XI in Last Week's FIFA 17

Posted time: Nov 09,2016

EA Sports releases their TOTWs on the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team every week. These are the Starting XI in Last Week's FIFA 17, and their performance has been rewarded with a form card. In addition to improved version of the player, the IF card is very valuable, so if you try to get your hands on a pack, you should strongly consider to sell.

Stars from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga all start in the 4-4-2 starting line up for the TOTW.

Starting XI fifa17

Tom Heaton - OVERALL 82
The Burnley goalkeeper made an unbelievable 11 exemptions against former club Manchester United, as they scored a key point at Old Trafford. Considering that the British are usually rated 76, it is a huge statistical boost and has listed him as the best goalkeeper in the Premiership. For a player in the form, Heaton is very affordable, costing between 14,000-15,000 coins in both consoles. 

Ivan Ramis - OVERALL 82
Another person usually rated 76, Ivan Ramis's goal to Levante their way to submit Villarreal to their first league defeat season. The Spanish center back is also affordable and costs around 11,000 marks on both consoles.

Niklas Sule - OVERALL 84
Nicklas Sule's header gave Hoffenheim another in the Bundesliga, sending them third in the league as they beat Hertha Berlin 1-0 at home. Sule's performance so far this season has boosted his 81 points this week. The back of the German center will cost 13,500 coins on two consoles.

Leonardo Bonucci - OVERALL 88
Is there a better linebacker in the world? Leonardo Bonucci builds on his strong European performance with Italy in 2016, this time finding himself in the scoring table, Juventus beating Naples in Turin. He has added a level from level 87, but as you'd expect, he will get you back to nearly 130,000 coins on either console.

Marcelo - OVERALL 87
Real Madrid immediately came back just to continue, claiming two assists as Real Madrid beat Alvais 4-1, one of the 60-yard ball Alvaro Morattas stuck. The Brazilians have also raised one level from 86, but he will spend 158,000 coins on the Xbox One and 178,000 on the PlayStation 4.

Arjen Robben - OVERALL 88
Arjen Robben continues to give defenders a dream when it comes to moving forward. . The Dutch participated in all three Bayern Munich goals, defeating Augsburg 3-1, with two assists and their own goals. He rose a level from his usual 87, but the right Lincoln would cost you as much as 380,000 coins on the XB1 and 400,000 on the PS4.

Ilkay Gundogan - OVERALL 86
The new Manchester City man Ilkay Gundogan broke two goals and beat West Bromwich Albion at Hawthorne, keeping them at the top of the Premier League. The Germans returned to Etihad at the foot of the injured. The central midfielder improved from a level of 85 to spend about 200,000 coins on both consoles.

Giacomo Bonaventura - OVERALL 84
AC Milan fans have been waiting for Giacomo Bonaventura out of his shell, this season may be only one of the central midfielder. The Italians won in Pescara's key goal to see his normal 82 Overall rating increase. He will leave you with only 70,000 coins on either console.

Philippe Coutinho - OVERALL 86
This season, the Brazilians' performance against Liverpool is terrible, because they want to get the first Premier League title. As a left winger, Coutinho provided two assists from the corner and played a part in the opening of Emre Can, as The Reds defeated Crystal Palace 4-2. Kudiniao changes from this week's 85-point attack midfielder, but this improved card will allow you to return 140,000 coins in the PS4 and 180,000 in the XB1.

Robin van Persie - OVERALL 84
Former Arsenal and Manchester United man in front of Robin van Persie played twice Fenerbahce beat Calabox 5-0. The Dutch striker also received assistance to see his normal FIFA rating 81 increase. For an 84-level form, he's an absolute deal, with less than 14,000 coins on both consoles.

Alexis Sanchez - OVERALL 89
Not in any sense out of 9 numbers, but Alexis Sanchez started to make his striker position at Arsenal. The Chilean team grabbed two goals, his side defeated Sunderland 4-1, and kept their title ambitions. This is Sanchez's second TOTW season, two as a striker, to see his normal left-wing 87 rating raise two levels this time.


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