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Enjoy experiencing Patch 3.45 in Final Fantasy XIV

Enjoy experiencing Patch 3.45 in Final Fantasy XIV

Posted time: Oct 21,2016

The patch 3.45 is slated to launch on next Tuesday, 11 November. Today, the gamer is to be provided with a glance of new developments in the Place of the Dead and Anima Weapon quests.  The existing and impending gamers can enjoy equipping their characters with the proper weapons and armors as they can act well in the diverse dungeons and battling. The in-game currency in FINAL FANTASY XIV is Gil. Without having sufficient Gil, it becomes hard for the gamer to arrange the necessary things to equip character and act well in the dungeons. To overcome the shortage of Gil in the gameplay of FINAL FANTASY XIV, the gamers can procure FFXIV GIL in the most affordable cost from IGXE.Com. Gamers can find huge expensive flying mount in FFXIV. Gamers require spending huge Gil for that. It means that gamers need to be conscious about gaining GIL in the gameplay of FINAL FANTASY XIV.


considering deep dungeon as the Palace of the Dead


The dead continues to be impatient. Moreover, the architect behind the Palace of the Dead is hidden. None has lived to speak the truth. Some discoverers claim that the maze now arrives at some two hundred-floors beneath the Shroud. It is to see what the horrors that make the brave souls wait are. These brave souls might explore the darkest depths of the damages. Gamers can find the best available FFXIV GIL from the nearest professional Internet Gaming Exchange, IGXE.Com. Gil helps the gamers uplift the characters fast. The palace of the rankings of dead indicates that it is to see how the gamers gauge the fellow adventurers of gamer in the Palace of the Dead with a new standing method. It is to level up as it prepares the aetherpool gear of gamer as well as takes a race to the darkest depths of the deep dungeon. 

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the introduction of Anima weapon 


After a great deal of tests along with trials occurs, the anima might come out at the summit of perfection. Concluding, Ardashir is taking the preparations to come back to Near East that he would introduce the findings. Gerolt, on the contrary, feels that there is perhaps the work to be done. It is to see whether the resident become drunkard and kingdom-prominent blacksmith keep the key to the advancement of Anima. One of the newest updates to Final Fantasy XIV introduced the Deep Dungeon characterizing the Palace of the Dead. A new kind of produced dungeon can be tried as a group or as a solo player up to fifty floors maximally.  The gamers can buy FFXIV Gil from IGXE.Com in the most affordable cost.



While considering the existing Deep Dungeon, Palace of the Dead, it is seen that the development team is working on the New Deep Dungeon known as Deep Dungeon 2. In patch 3.45, there is to be added of 150 more floors to the existing one. There are existing fifty floors. Moreover, the number is to be converted into 200 maximally. Gamers can find a new boss upon the 100thfloor. Conversely, to reach at the furthest floor seems to be hardest. Running solo between the 100thand 200thfloor is hard. 

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