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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team New chemical reaction calculation method

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team New chemical reaction calculation method

Posted time: Oct 06,2016

EA SPORTS this year adjusted the Ultimate Team players and team chemistry calculation method, let us look at.

The first thing to note is that the chemistry starts at the first second of the game and affects the player's performance. These effects depend on the combined effect of a team's chemistry and the player's individual chemistry.

Starter: 25% of Team Reactions + 75% of all Personal Reactions

Substitute: 25% of the team's chemical reaction value + 75% is locked to 5 individual chemical reaction values
This formula means that when the bench to enjoy a higher team chemical reaction value, the personal chemical reaction value for them and no significant addition.

The following formula shows how the effects of chemical reactions in the player's ability:

(Team Chemistry * .25) + ((Player Chemistry * 10) *. 75)
(Team chemical reaction value * 0.25) + ((Player chemical reaction value * 10) * 0.75)

If the result is greater than 50, the player's data will be increased, up to 99.
If the calculated result equals 50, the player's data remains objective and the base ability is not affected by the chemical reaction gain.
If the result is less than or equal to 49, the player's ability to decay, a minimum of 1.
A starter is affected by 100 team chemistry and 10 man chemistry.

(Team Chemistry * .25) + ((Player Chemistry * 10) *. 75)
(100 * .25) + ((10 * 10) * 75)
= 25 + 75
= 100 (99)

A substitute player is affected by 100 chemical reaction values as follows:

(Team Chemistry * .25) + ((Player Chemistry * 10) *. 75)
(100 * .25) + ((5 * 10) * 75)
= 25 + 37.5
= 62.5
Chemical Reactions

The table below shows how a 100/10 chemical reaction in a different chemical reaction type will affect the ability of the player to evolve different types of chemical reactions.

Form Access Address: I am a form

The performance of a 100/10 player on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4

If a player has a "Sniper" chemistry, the player's shot attributes will change, the position increases by 10 points, the shot increases by 15 points, the volley increases by 10 points, and the penalty increases by 15 points. Not all attributes will be added, such as shooting power and long pass attributes will not change.

Team Management In-Game Team Management

In the game interface, the lineup under the management of the player attribute does not show the chemical reaction plus. This principle also applies to, but is not limited to, the formation interface and the position adjustment interface.

Stamina stamina

Bodily function attributes during the game by the impact of physical changes in the player. These attributes are affected as follows:

Explosive Force
Agility Flexible


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