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The way gamer can create his character in FFXIV

The way gamer can create his character in FFXIV

Posted time: Sep 23,2016

When the gamer gets into the gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV, he or she has to be in the kingdom of Eorzea. Creating a character, the gamer requires selecting a disciple; undergoing quests and writing macros. The gamer is to be accustomed to the fundamental of making a character along with six major traits. In the area of discipline, the gamer can find eighteen classes ranging from warriors, magic users, crafters, and gatherers. The gamers need to remember that the in-game currency of FFXIV is Gil. This currency is to be required each aspect of game. Initially the gamer can consider having some sorts of professional assistance on Final Fantasy XIV Gil from IGXE.Com to make the gameplay fantastically well.


The gamers are to figure out the macros that can be applied to fast make actions; assign targets and alter classes. In Final Fantasy XIV, the gamers can find the storyline quests, dabble with NPCs and finish the leves retainers with market wards. It is to enhance the cash flow of game and buy the items through working the wards. Prior to getting into the world of Eorzea, the gamer requires designing a character. There are a number of choices integrating a clan, beginning class, hometown, and deity.


the introduction of clans and traits

The gamers can avail five diverse races in Final Fantasy XIV. Every class is to be divided into two clans for ten racial choices. Along with physical appearance, each clan begins with diverse level-based one traits, and affinities to the elements. On the other hand, as the gamer gains physical levels based on obtaining experience points, the gamer can manually regulate the status of character. The major traits integrate the strength, vitality, dexterity, intelligence, mind, piety, and element. 

ffxiv gil 



The gamers can find Final Fantasy XIV Gil in exchange of real world money from IGXE.Com now. Many players of FFXIV find many things in FFXIV costly. Then, the gamer requires spending much time in grinding Gil. The items that can be sold on each server are costly. It means the gamers fall in troubles to purchase when they lack Gil. Under this circumstance, they can avail Final Fantasy XIV Gil online to overcome the frustration and make the game enjoyable.


The major traits integrate the strength and it indicates the enhancements of offensive damage of standard invasions along with weapon skills. The vitality means the enhancement of defensive stats and improvement over all HP. Dexterity indicates that it governs accuracy and options to score the critical hits. The intelligence means that it directs the amount of magic potency and apply some magic depended upon skills of weapon. Mind indicates that there is the enhancement of magic defense, optimum MP and the ability to heal. Piety develops magic accuracy while permitting the gamer to land enfeebling spells.  The element means that it develops the damage, accuracy, and defense of gamer with element. It also effects the crafting with crystal of element.  The available clans in Final Fantasy XIV are Midlander, Highlander, Wildwood, Duskwight, Plainsfolk, Dunesfolk, Seeker of the Sun, Keeper of the Moon, Sea Wolf, and Hellsguard. The gamer can have a visit at IGXE.Com and opt to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil to run in the game pleasantly. 

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