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Buy cheap gw2 gold from IGXE.Com and get into Living Season 2

Buy cheap gw2 gold from IGXE.Com and get into Living Season 2

Posted time: Sep 22,2016

The Season 2 of the Living World on 01 July 2014 appeared with the launch of the Gates of Maguuma. It appended a segment of a new explorable zone, Dry Top. Moreover, it altered the path through which Living World becomes made public and served. It does not take time to finish. Entanglement followed it on 15 July 2014. It appended more explorable segments to Dry Top. There is the addition of more achievements, a new saga segment, and new weaponry for players.  The in-game currency of Guild Wars 2 is still gold and the gamers can procure cheap gw2 gold from the most professional online gaming exchange, IGXE.Com to overcome the dire need of gold in the gameplay of Guild Wars 2. 


Part I of The Dragon’s Reach was made public on 29 July 2014. This became the first in a two-segmented set of launches. This update appended some more prizes to the Dry Top zone while appending some new items along with accomplishments. There is the addition of some new occasions to the diverse zones all through the world of game. The second part of Dragon’s Reach was published on 12 August 2014. It is the finishing part one of the second season of the Living Story. It was a pause of some months on the content of Living Story. This update appended the ultimate new section to the Dry Top map, new prizes and occasions, new gains and harmonization of game. 


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During the month of 9 September 2014, the second feature pack was launched. It is importantly altering and developing the combat log, the black lion trading post, and the new player experience. It is the time while appending a new kind of achievement known as the collections. It is appending some alterations to the World versus World game-type.  It is growing the Wardrobe and miniature pets displays while making some rebalances and alterations to the professions of game. The Halloween event of past year and Blood and Madness was launched again with some new occasions and prizes on 15 October 2014.  Visiting IGXE.Com makes the gamer findcheap gw2 gold to start procuring the best available weapons and armors to make equip the character in a faster succession.  The second season of Living World kept continuing on 04 November with the launch in the previous time and it integrated a lengthy new saga segment while concentrating upon the saga of Glint and her Dragon Egg among other things.  There appeared a brand new map known as the Silverwastes that appended WvW mechanics in a PvE setting. It integrates a number of new prizes and accumulations that contain an earnable Luminescent Shoulderguard armor piece.


Then, Tangled path appeared on 18 November 2014 and it appended a new saga portion. It is a few new prizes integrating another Luminscent armor piece. There is an underground part to the Silverwastes map. Similarly, during the month of December 2, 2014, the seventh launch in Season Two was launched and it is known as Seeds of Truth having a new saga, instance.


Living World Season 3


The first episode of the 3rdSeason of the Living World was declared on 12 July 2016. Buy gw2 gold from IGXE.Com and get into the Living Season 2 and 3 with zeal. 


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