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Introducing a Realm of Reborn in FFXIV

Introducing a Realm of Reborn in FFXIV

Posted time: Aug 09,2016

Final Fantasy XIV comes out as Final Fantasy XIV Online. This is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows. Square Enix developed and released this stunning game during the year of 2010. This game becomes the fourteenth entry in the major Final Fantasy series and it turns out to be the second MMORPG in the series after Final Fantasy XI. 

In-game currency: FFXIV Gil
Gil is the vital element for the playing Final Fantasy XIV. With sufficient Gil, gamers can go for gaining more armors and swords than others. As the price of these vital items and weapons are very expensive, so get more ffxiv gil is the corner stone for a character of FFXIV. To win the competitive game fight of Final Fantasy XIV, gamers can buy ffxiv gil form the professional game store, like IGXE.com with cheaper price. Most of the players are required having the mount like Bomb Palanquin. It is expensive. This kind of accessory is always required to equip the character and Gil can help the gamers collect it. 

Setting of Final Fantasy XIV
With the depicted imaginary of Eorzea, the players go for directing a personalized avatar as they can discover the land. To attacking hostile Garlean Empire along with the threat of the Primals comes up to the players in FFXIV. The threat also includes the deities of Beastmen tribes of land. A Garlean Legatus involves the players in a plan to devastate the Primals while overthrowing one of the moons of planet upon Eorzea. 

Stages of Development of Final Fantasy XIV
The game had been in the progression since 2005 with a codename Rapture. It was declared in 2009 for Windows and PlayStation 3 video gaming consoles. This game used to run on the Crystal Tools middleware engine and it was regulated to negotiate with specifications of game. Because of the various issues, the difficulties beset the development that might later have radical effects upon the game. The game developer endeavored to introduce the game to the platform, Xbox 360 consoles while falling through. It occurred because of disagreements with Microsoft regarding the application of Xbox Live.

Alpha and Beta Test
As the Alpha test took place and beta test was delayed. Then the game is available on 30th September, 2010. The game had been active until its servers turned out to be closed on 11th November, 2012. When the game was released, it gained some negative feedback. Even if the graphics and music gained the normal praise, but he other aspects were generally criticized. These incorporate interface, gameplay along with the usual impression of the game being incomplete at release. The critics and devotees urged Square Enix to make subscription free. Then it indefinitely suspended for the version of PlayStation3. Finally, the game developer wholly developed a new version of the game known as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Now you can see FFXIV with diverse updates. And it allows gamers to collect much information, latest news, gaming consultancy and FFXIV Gil to get into the game with fervor.

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