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Discussing Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns, the first expansion

Discussing Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns, the first expansion

Posted time: Aug 02,2016

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns comes out as the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. Depicted on the notion, the game is to be known as the journey is the goal. The expansion keeps continuing the Guild Wars 2 tradition of confronting the conventions of MMOs. It covers the pledge of the elements of online worlds.  

In the last October, ArenaNet released the expansion of Heart of Thorns to its well-liked MMO Guild Wars 2. This expansion included adequate new content for the devotees to get into. The content covers new zones to discover. These are new World vs. World maps, specialization of a class, new saga content and more.  Prior to the expansion, Guild Wars 2 restructured often with it, Living World Updates. Each Living World update started expanding upon the saga of the real Guild Wars 2 and directed all the way to begin Heart of Thorns. The game developer of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet has now started the next wave of living World updates along with Season III. 

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The first episode of Living World Season 3 that provided the title of shadows is to commence on the 26th of July and it keeps continuing from the place. It is the place from which the Heart of Thorns was delayed.  To Play Season 3, the players have to possess Heart of Thorns. It finished the saga elements in the expansion and does have a character at the level of 80. The gamer requires logging in while each new episode of Season III is going on and the gamer is to release them forever. And it makes the gamer play them in his leisure. 

If the gamer does not perhaps possess Heart of Thorns, the gamer does not need to worry as he or she can log in without the expansion. Moreover, the gamer can still keep the episode to play in the future period. Through logging in with each update. Everybody can enjoy having the new content. One can judge the new trailer for Living World season three. 

Three years back, the original Guild Wars 2 was released and it was highly advertized as the MMORPG that brought specialized flavor beyond the MMORPGs. GW2 introduced the horizontal gear development other than the vertical development. There was no holy trinity method rather there was an altering world in living nature. This pattern was constant. The gamer would be able to find an interesting action-depended combat method as there was no subscription fee. The gamer did not find the way to purchase power from the cash shop. Moreover, the gamer purchased the game on one occasion. All the content started belonging to the gamer to enjoy playing the game at his or her leisure. 
With the first expansion, the Heart of Thorns. ArenaNet has had its job. 

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