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Final Fantasy XIV comes out in high imaginary location

Final Fantasy XIV comes out in high imaginary location

Posted time: Jul 22,2016

Final Fantasy XIV occurs in high imaginary environment. The major location is situated in Eorzea. It is a continent upon the bigger planet, Hydaelyn. This compares Final Fantasy XI that applies one name to indicate to the whole world along with its regions. Ooze is separated among three major powers including the forest nation of Gridania. It includes the desert-depended Ul’dah sultanate and the thalassaemia of Limsa Lominsa. The dominant maritime power of Eorzea is also incorporated. 

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There are other significant locations in FFXIV these are scholarly city-state of Sharlayan and the Garlean Empire. It possesses an antagonistic northern power with highly improved technology. It is five years before starting the game as the Garlean Empire attacked the land of Ala Migho. However, they were protected from overcoming Eorzea by the invasions of prehistoric dragon Midgardsomr along with his dragon hordes. Responding to the threat of Empire, the three nations of Eorzea restructure the Grand companies. These are comprehensive centers of command that unite the military of cities and economic assets. Grand companies magnetize public of all occupations that can take up the mantle of adventurers. 
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The character of a player is a personalized adventurer avatar taken from the five major races of Eorzea. The playable races are the human-typed Hyur, the elf-kind Elezen, the physically-daunting Roegadyn, and the catlike Miqo'the. The playable Roegadyn and Miqo'the are gender- fastened to male and female correspondingly. Apart from these races, there are the Beastmen tribes of which worship prehistoric gods are known as the Primals. These need aether-rich crystals and their appearance spoils the planet. 

Considering the plot of FFXIV 
Starting one of three major states in Eorzea, the character of player emerges from sleep based on Echo. A power grants the ability to them to visualize the past. The adventurers are primarily engaged in both conflicts within nations as Garlean pretense irritates it. The Garlean Legatus Gaius Van Baelsar directs it. The attempts of Beastmen are to call their Primals along with their consequent hoarding of Crystal supplies. 

Finally, there is a greater threat and it is introduced to the concentration of the nations of the Sharlayan scholar Louisoix Leveilleur. Another Garlean Legatus be called as Nael Van Darnus is applying arcane magic and technology to call Dalamud. It is the second moon of the planet that is dropped on Eorzea to wash out the Beastmen and Primals. Based on the assistance of Garlean defector Cid nan Garlond, the adventurers explore that Nael has arranged a beacon for calling Dalamud in the new citadel of Castrum Novum. At the similar time, the individuals of each nation attempt to storm the citadel as they are resisted. Faced with this, their leaders from a pact and combine the nations under the banner of Eorzean Alliance. 

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