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Appearing the newest news for Guild Wars 2

Appearing the newest news for Guild Wars 2

Posted time: Jul 06,2016

The championship of Guild Wars 2 has had provided the details along with the most vital fact. There is a 200 USD prize pool along with the overcoming team while bringing 100 USD at home along with the title. The major six teams around the globe are to be heading to the ESL studio as it is near Los Angeles. It is to take part in the single-removal tournament to ensure the final winner.


The Guild Wars 2 players are being requested to take part in a special occasion to be held in the game which sponsored by the LGBT community. It is known as Pride March Tyria. That was been held on 26th June at 5 PM (PT), and the Eastern time is 8 PM. The march is to start in Ebonhawk and conclude in Rata Sum. The gw2 gold is available at the reliable and reputed online gaming store like IGXE.com. The professional players derive the gw2 gold manually. Gold is the in-game currency of Guild Wars II. Gold helps the players gain the diverse weapons, items to make the character equipped for taking part in diverse dungeons and battles. Winning the battles makes the gamer prized gold in loot and it becomes easier to level up faster. When gold is hard to get in the gameplay of GW2 as there is the hard competition among the players, then the gamers can visit the professional online gaming house to pick gold in exchange of real-world money. Then you can find that gaming time becomes enjoyable and memorable as the game is for pleasure.


Launching Raid Wing 3, Stronghold of the Faithful

ArenaNet has introduced the word that the third raid wing has formally exposed. It is known as Stronghold of the Faithful, the White Mantle makes the players on their way to challenge the Big Boss and the Keep Construct.

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The running of Gauntlet- previewing the Next Raid Wing of Guild Wars 2

Someone has entirely narrated his canonical explanation for the encounter of previewing. One part of the Stronghold of the Faithful raid wing that becomes live today for Guild Wars II. It is not like the past boss battles that someone easy to investigate. It was more than a gauntlet-fashion encountering that need the players to continuously push forward.  It is to challenge a continual wave of rivals while attempting to finish their aims.


Behind the scenes- Stronghold of the Faithful Keep Construct Design Video

In the first series of videos sketched to go behind the scenes of The Stronghold of the Faithful, the ArenaNet team examines the design, saga and theory behind this third and ultimate wing of first raid of Guild Wars 2. It is about how the White Mantle plays into the wider description.


The Preparation of Entering the Stronghold of the Faithful

Guild Wars 2 just show himself for the first sight at the Keep Construct. As there is the game preparation for their first raid content, it is a sneak peak which in store for all players. And you can also buy guild wars 2 gold from IGXE.com to get it. Then just get it into the game of GW2 with your enthusiasm. 

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