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Star Wars The Old Republic presents the Patch NotesOr

Star Wars The Old Republic presents the Patch NotesOr

Posted time: Jun 30,2016

In the recent patch notes, the Chapter XIV: Mandalore’s Revenge is introduced. Ittakes partwith Shae Vizla along with a fearsome Mandalorian military in a heated battle to release the secret of Eternal Fleet. The players that subscribed on the 01st of June are to seize instant access to this new Chapter. Moreover, it would be obtainable for all other subscribers on the 3rd of June.

New Alliance Alertshows that it is the latestof his kind.Tabrizmercenary Broonmark has been chasing Wookiee diplomat on Alderaan. It is to see whether the gamerbendto take part with his Alliance or goes for a conclusion to his murderous ways for the good. There is the comeback of Bounty Contract Week. Hunt preferred the criminals in this recurring occasion. The eventwas tantamount to starton the 14th of June at GMT and it is to be concluded at 21st of June at 4.00 PST or 12:00 GMT.


The development team repaired a bug that made the players become unable to eliminate the modifications from equipment. The weapons that are prized at the conclusion of chapter now have Weapon Tuning slots. Thereis a question thatis fixed in which the Smugglers along with Bounty Hunters were not getting credit for finishing Act III if the specific selections of conversation were prepared while the final Missions were going on. The fix is not to beapplicableretroactively. If the gamer has already finished the Act 3 on the Smuggler or Bounty Hunter, the gamerneeds to becredited with Game Update 4.6. The introduction of New Legacy Perk indicates that Legacy Cargo Hold. It is to release a Legacy cargokeepingthe personal ship.NewLegacy Perk also means that there is the station of Modifications. It is to release an Item Modification Station upon therespectiveship. Legacy Cargo Holdleads to anadditional storage tab that would not be bought for the Legacy Cargo Hold. There arenumerousitem modification stations that have been appended to both the Imperial and Republic Fleets. A faster travelling point has been appended to the Cartel Bazaar upon both the Imperial and Republic Fleets. Gamers can purchaseSWTOR credits from the professional online gaming house to start procuring the best available weapons, armors and items to make their characters equipped before going to take partinthe battles and quests.

Theconsideration of Cartel Market.The companion personalization for the companions that gained through Cartel Packs can now bepurchasedfrom the new vendor Tsorkeg in the Cartel Bazaar upon both the Imperial and Republic Fleets. The options ofthe bookindicate that the Human Hairstyles onebundlenowreleasesthe options of Hairstyle for Mirialan, Sith, Chiss, Cyborg, and Miraluka species along with Humans.


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