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DarkVsLightSideand prizing blog in SWTOR

DarkVsLightSideand prizing blog in SWTOR

Posted time: Jun 27,2016

The Dark versus Light side of Star Wars the Old Republic are available on 28th June.  It is easy to makes a new character with level one. There is a character that participates at the side to look this upon the selective screen of character. On one side, the player does have his or her Dark versus Light character while playing though the occasion. It is a great way to discover the Star Wars: The Old Republic galaxy.  Then the swtor credits are much more important for the players as well.


SWTOR set the event into Level six to prize the players! As the players have finished the objectives of each level, and he can get great prizes which integrat the mounts, titles, armor sets and Force-Bound Dark versus Light packs. One special prize is to make in developing the travelling all through the side. The Armor set of Victorious Pioneer is to give a stunning fifty-percent Experience Boost when the gamer is putting on the total set. The gamer is to gain the set in three segments from Legacy level through Champion level. The levels include Heroic Level, Legacy Level, Valiant Level, Champion Level, Eternal Level, and Legendary Level. 


The players require SWTOR Credits which the in-game currency of Star Wars the Old Republic on each level. Credits make the players purchase, weapons, items and other necessary things. And it also makes the gamer to increase level the skills. When the gamer is in dire need of credits and fail to accumulate a good amount of credit, he or she can opt to buy SWTOR credits from some professional online gaming website.



As dark versus light event becoming a hot topic, each decision is to be tracked that is made all through the galaxy. With the conclusion, the players can gain ain either the Merciless Darth Hexid Companion or the Valiant Master Ranos Companion. It is depends on whether majority of selections were light side or the dark side. Someone noticed that there is the only dark and light side decision count to the whole thing’s happen. And before that, the game development team will go for the comprehensive breakdown. 


One of the packs is Force-bound with dark versus light. These packs are the best one in the entire game. Each pack is composed of two slots. One slot is the best of Dark versus light item. There are the other slots that are to include either a Companion present or an experience boost.The items in the pack that can be figured out are Tulak Hord’s Armor Set, Satele Shan’s Armor Set, Revan Reborn’s Armor Set,       black or black. White, White dye, MSM J-37 Jetpack, Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber, Cathar Honor Sword, Unstable Arbiter’s Lightsaber, two new Weapon Tunings, Dark-attuned and Light-attuned are included as well. By the way, the players can find some additional details on these packs, which the Armors separate in the three boxes. Meanwhile, players can buy swtor credits to gain some of these items which over mentioned.




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