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A Few Tips for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

A Few Tips for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Posted time: Jun 27,2016

North American Fan Festival this year will be taken place between the Friday, 14th of October and Saturday, 15th of October at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. The tickets price for both days is $135. With that ticket, fans can be admitted to the convention and a physical swag bag along with some items. The game products or items will be showed as a Rikku minion along with a glamour outfit being available as a listed secret since they have not ended perhaps.  Besides that items, players also can buy ffxiv gil from the well-trusted online game store as the ffxiv gil can make the player learn the game of Final Fantasy XIV at first. Furthermore, players can get a wide array of weapons and items to equip their characters faster to compare with the others who is lack of ffxiv gil

 Final Fantasy Patch 3.3 has been released on 7 June, 2016. It’s been a few weeks ago. And the players are already going to gain some new things, the Deep Dungeon. It was disclosed at Pax East in April at the first. Deep Dungeon is just not similar of FFXIV before, and players have not found them at all. How does the Deep Dungeon work? There is the introduction of new raid finding tool, itemization and others. The renewed interest after last week in the running discussion between Microsoft and Square Enix about an Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XIV is to observe.

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According to a report of Polygon, Square Enix is thinking about reach an Xbox One version for their game, Final Fantasy XIV. However, Microsoft has some worries about the interpretation. That means it is to run an MMORPG. Naoki Yoshida announced that the Microsoft move towards the Final Fantasy XIV team about the prospect of making an Xbox One version. However, the team figured out that it requires to obtain some specific regulations that been dropped before their talks could develop further. Anyways, now allow Final Fantasy XIV to be released on XBOX One, and that will be a new Patch 4.0.

In Patch 3.3, the hard mode of Hullbreaker Isle presents a look at the prime scenario. The new housing wards along with cost regulations are appearing in 3.3. The site of Final Fantasy XIV has been updated with the news that there are various new housing wards to be appended to the residential districts. Each of them been divided into the sub-divisions. The prices of housing have also been provided based on this examination. And players can choose tobuy ffxiv gil online and get into this game to decorate the housing.



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