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Details & Tips of Patch 3.3 HotFixes in FFXIV

Details & Tips of Patch 3.3 HotFixes in FFXIV

Posted time: Jun 23,2016

 The maintenance of whole worlds in Final Fantasy XIV will be coming soon. As the upcoming Escorting Patch 3.3 Hotfixes. The game development team of FFXIV is going to test this maintenance on whole worlds at a specific time. The game is to be unavailable, while the Hotfixes working period. The specific Mog stations services are to be postponed for thirty-minute before the maintenance. The service stations will be unavailable as well unless the maintenance has concluded. And they are World Transfer Service, Character Renaming Service, Purchase of Optional Items, Item code or Gift code entry. The official reservations of Eternal bonding cannot be done during the time of maintenance. The maintenance will be ended on June 24th and at 2P.M. (PDT). 

Final Fantasy XIV Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the platform of Microsoft Windows. Square Enix developed and released during the year of 2010. FFXIV 

appears as the fourteenth entry in the prime Final Fantasy series and it becomes the second MMORPG in the series. It’s depicted on the imaginary realm of Eorzea and the players get the control of a personalized avatar as they discover the land. However, the antagonistic Garlean Empire and the threat of the Primals attacked the players. Beastmen tribes of the deities of land attacked them as well. Finally, they are entangled in a task by a Garlean Legatus to destroy the Primals by introducing one of the moons of the planet as it is fallen upon Eorzea. The players that enjoy playing FFXIV might be annoyed with the shortage of FFXIV Gil. Never mind about this issue as the players can always find the well-established online game website to buy ffxiv gil to collecting the essential items to decorate the character in the fighting. 


The players might face the restrictions on Ceremony of Eternal bonding reservation. The maintenance or in-game issues would cause the reserved of ceremony of eternal bonding to not be taken place while needing a reservation for another date.  And they are requested to consider the information prior to making the reservation of ceremonial Eternal bonding.  Meanwhile, players also need to visit at the official website of FFXIV to read the time schedule of restrictions on ceremonial eternal bonding. Then they can reschedule, if someone reserved Ceremonial eternal bonding overlaps with long-established maintenance.

The new players go with existing ones need to be accustomed to the game environment of FFXIV. Every player directs a personalized adventure avatar among the available five playable races. The gamers can find two tribes in each race. The players can find two tribes in each race, but the two tribes are permit to selecting male or female characters. The avatar can posses their own hair color, facial traits, eye color and skin tone and these can be personalized. The traits including birthmarks and scars are to be integrated. They selected tribe along with their selected patron deity is also integrated while affecting their stats and elemental traits. The opening of the game differentiates the beginning of selected location. The gamers can find two diverse kinds of quests in FFXIV.  To act well in the diverse quests and battles, the gamers need to have very strong characters. The characters can be powerful with the proper accessories and weapons. Gil can help the gamer arrange those weapons and accessories. To collect the FFXIV GIL faster, players can choose to go well-trusted website like IGXE.COM. After getting into the depth of gameplay, the gamers can find the ways to collect Gil by themselves.


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