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Final Fantasy XIV(FFXIV) Latest News

Final Fantasy XIV(FFXIV) Latest News

Posted time: Jun 15,2016


Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most anticipated, and popular releases, to come out on the PC in recent memory. Many people, more than just Final Fantasy fans, raced to purchase this game when it finally released to market.

The amount of people on the servers was unprecedented and it continues to this day to be a driving force in the RPG industry. One of the things that really set Final Fantasy XIV apart from other games is its robust economy and rich lore. Square Enix also does a fantastic job of keeping people up to date with recent patch notes and other modifications made to the game that could affect gameplay. For instance, patch 3.3 just released that made changes to the overall content of the game, battle system, particular items, the system on which the game is played upon, and even resolved many bugs and issues people were having with the game. SE does a great job of keeping tabs of Final Fantasy XIV and keeping up with demand. And as long as you have the gall to keep up with the other players, there is always content to be explored and played upon.



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