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    MU Legend is an sequel of the classical online game, the miracleMU developed by the Webzen. It is a 3D MMORPG with Diablo-style, in Gstar2011 Game Show officially announced the latest video games. It mainly demonstrated the battle scenes about the professional roles, "the god of darkness". You can see the professional characters fight against various monsters on the outside of the camp and the dungeon, while the viewing angle can be adjust during the narrow angle or zoom. With another masterpiece "miracle world" in public beta, Webzen will launch the "MU2" in 2014.

    MU Legend's Global Open Beta Test is now live. Players no longer have to worry about any data wipes, and now they can spend as much time as they need in exploring the deep content offered by the game. Clearly to say, there will be NO WIPE at all during or after the OBT period.

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  • MU Legend News


As we have known that the official release date for the Global Open Beta Test of MU Legend will begin this year, on November 7th. So today, WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, reminds players of the impending launch of MU Legend's OBT.

Players who participate in stress tests will have a patch available when the servers open on November 7, 2017 (UTC). Moreover, once the OBT boots up, there will be no data wipes, which means that players can enjoy the game from Day 1 to ensure in the knowledge that their characters will not be lost when the game is officially released.

In 2001, MU Online was released to the pure happiness of hordes of fans all over the world. This marked the birth of the MU franchise globally. In 2017, 16 years later, MU Legend pays tribute to those unforgettable days, embodying so much of the uniqueness of its eldest ARPG brother: Atmosphere, lore, game mechanics and much more. While maintaining the essence of MU franchise, MU Legend also has its own flavor and richness for players to discover. That is the product of a new vision that emerged from the minds of the MU Legend developers, generated with experience acquired from more than a decade.

MU Legend will open a door into a fantastic world ahead of MU Online's events. As mentioned earlier, players will have four classic MU franchise classes to choose from and embark on their epic journeys.

On the official Facebook page and on the Discord channel, users with the opportunity to join the two closed betas and stress tests are enthusiastically (and kindly) urging the MU Legend team to release the game.

The MU Legend team at WEBZEN Dublin responded to their fans' enthusiasm: "Our players are the most supportive fans ever! Even when we were facing the pre-production hazards experienced by almost every game, our fans expressed their unbreakable encouragement in thousands of ways! We're truly blown away by the support we've been receiving on our social media pages. Seeing the hundreds of positive emojis really puts smiles on our faces every day."

In order to provide the best gaming experience for players, MU Legend's team of experts has released a new volley of deeply detailed game guides, which provided include topics such as the Rift, the guild system and the Endless Tower, each of which covers invaluable knowledge for any MU Legend pro; And the "Guides" section of MU Legend's website is not to be missed. Here you are recommended a very good site - IGXE.Com, where you can get MU Legend Zen quickly and safely!


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