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Item:G70 14/14/5 Imperial mystery king 1H Sword    USD$ 1382.06
USD$ 1083.51
Item:G70 16/16/5 imperial mystery king bow    USD$ 1612.52
USD$ 1199.48
Knight: Golden Sword (Lv62)    USD$ 265.72
USD$ 239.15
Knight: Dragon Sword of Sky (Lv65)    USD$ 421.72
USD$ 379.55
Knight: Dragon Giant Sword of Sky (Lv65)    USD$ 516.78
USD$ 465.10
Magician: Golden Stick of Distress (Lv62)    USD$ 255.32
USD$ 229.79
Magician: Dragon Stick of Sky (Lv65)    USD$ 311.90
USD$ 280.71
Magician: Dragon's Insight Stick of Sky (Lv65)    USD$ 369.72
USD$ 332.75
Magician: Dragon's Fury Stick of Sky (Lv65)    USD$ 286.52
USD$ 257.87
Archer: Bow of High Class Doggebi (Lv59)    USD$ 192.92
USD$ 173.63
Archer: Bow of Doggebi (Lv59)    USD$ 161.72
USD$ 145.55
Archer: Bow of Doggebi Lord (Lv59)    USD$ 103.90
USD$ 93.51
Archer: Golden Bow (Lv62)    USD$ 218.30
USD$ 196.47
Archer: Dragon Bow of Sky (Lv65)    USD$ 291.10
USD$ 261.99
Thief: Dagger of Doggebi (Lv59)    USD$ 103.90
USD$ 93.51
Thief: Dagger of High Class Doggebi (Lv59)    USD$ 172.12
USD$ 154.91
Thief: Golden dagger (Lv62)    USD$ 224.12
USD$ 201.71
Thief: Dragon dagger of Sky (Lv65)    USD$ 336.44
USD$ 302.80
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