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Tall Shield    USD$ 827.25
Sundering Storm Bow of Fortitude    USD$ 517.03
Sundering Chaos Axe of Fortitude    USD$ 517.03
Sundering Fellblade of Fortitude    USD$ 517.03
Sundering Crystalline Sword of Fortitude    USD$ 21715.21
Eternal Blade Req.10    USD$ 124.09
Eternal Blade Req.11    USD$ 99.27
Eternal Blade Req.12    USD$ 91.00
Eternal Blade Req.13    USD$ 82.72
Crystalline Sword Req.10    USD$ 62.04
Crystalline Sword Req.11    USD$ 41.36
Crystalline Sword Req.12    USD$ 24.82
Crystalline Sword Req.13    USD$ 18.61
Silverwing Bow Req.10    USD$ 41.36
Silverwing Bow Req.11    USD$ 28.95
Silverwing Bow Req.12    USD$ 18.61
Silverwing Bow Req.13    USD$ 12.41
Eaglecrest Axe Req.10    USD$ 41.36
Eaglecrest Axe Req.11    USD$ 24.82
Eaglecrest Axe Req.12    USD$ 18.61
Eaglecrest Axe Req.13    USD$ 12.41
Obsidian Edge Req.10    USD$ 20.68
Obsidian Edge Req.11    USD$ 14.48
Obsidian Edge Req.12    USD$ 8.27
Obsidian Edge Req.13    USD$ 6.20
Storm Daggers Req.10    USD$ 12.41
Storm Daggers Req.11    USD$ 10.34
Storm Daggers Req.12    USD$ 6.20
Storm Daggers Req.13    USD$ 4.14
voltaic spear Req.10    USD$ 14.48
voltaic spear Req.11    USD$ 10.34
voltaic spear Req.12    USD$ 7.03
voltaic spear Req.13    USD$ 5.38
Dryad Bow Req.10    USD$ 33.09
Dryad Bow Req.11    USD$ 16.54
Dryad Bow Req.12    USD$ 10.34
Dryad Bow Req.13    USD$ 6.20
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