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Blue Dragon Scales*20    USD$ 8.88
Black Dragon Scales*20    USD$ 8.88
Flawless blue Dragon Scale*20    USD$ 8.88
Flawless black Dragon Scales*20    USD$ 8.88
Flawless Red Dragon Scales*20    USD$ 13.32
Flawless Green Dragon Scales*20    USD$ 13.32
Flawless white Dragon Scale*20    USD$ 8.88
Restored Dragon Relics*20    USD$ 6.58
Hand of the Tombs    USD$ 4.58
Purple Dragon Shield    USD$ 6.68
Libram of Silver Magic    USD$ 8.88
Shreds of Tapestry*20    USD$ 4.58
Ring of Shadows(level25)    USD$ 21.18
Lantern Ring    USD$ 17.76
Livewood Core(level24)    USD$ 10.99
Wizard's Ward    USD$ 77.01
Bulwark of the Storm's Fist    USD$ 99.84
Bastion    USD$ 99.89
Wall of Wood    USD$ 131.21
The Mountain's Fist    USD$ 77.01
Axe of Adaxus    USD$ 131.21
Ghost-Waking Cloak    USD$ 131.21
Nether Grasps    USD$ 131.21
Backstabber's Gloves    USD$ 131.21
Treads of Falling Shadow    USD$ 131.21
Surefooted Boots    USD$ 99.85
Mantle of the Dragonfriend    USD$ 77.01
Jeweled Cloak    USD$ 131.21
Gloves of Forgotten Craft    USD$ 77.01
Daggertooth's Belt    USD$ 131.21
Belt of the Seven Ideals    USD$ 99.89
Arkat's Cord    USD$ 131.21
Quiver of Poison    USD$ 131.21
Shamanic Fetish    USD$ 99.85
Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy    USD$ 99.85
Manacles of Ceaseless Toil    USD$ 131.21
Iron Beads    USD$ 77.01
Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy    USD$ 45.00
Manacles of Ceaseless Toil    USD$ 45.00
Iron Beads    USD$ 45.00
Death's Locket    USD$ 77.01
Dream Visor    USD$ 114.10
Livewood Core    USD$ 99.85
Leaves of the Forest    USD$ 99.85
Ring of the Djinn    USD$ 45.00
Kardin's Eye    USD$ 131.21
Jorgundal's Collar    USD$ 45.00
20,000 Winter Motes    USD$ 90.00
4 Tome of Clear Thought(Intelligece+4)    USD$ 155.89
Wizard's Ward(Epic Elite ,with Corrosion)    USD$ 132.69
Ivy Wraps(Epic Elite)    USD$ 172.69
Shadowmail(Epic Elite ,with Magnetism)    USD$ 116.69
Pure Shavarath Iron    USD$ 22.79
Motes of Night 3500    USD$ 45.09
Livewood Core (Level 23)    USD$ 85.99
Leaves of the Forest (Level 23)    USD$ 102.99
Seal of House Szind    USD$ 74.15
Seal of House Dun'Robar    USD$ 127.59
Holy Symbol of Lolth    USD$ 42.78
Planar Focus of Erudition    USD$ 79.39
3 Tome of Understanding (Wisdom +3)    USD$ 22.82
3 Tome of Gainful Exercise (Strength +3)    USD$ 22.82
3 Tome of Quickness in Action(Dexterity +3)    USD$ 22.82
3 Tome of Leadership and Influence(Charisma+3)    USD$ 22.82
3 Tome of Bodily Health (Constitution +3)    USD$ 22.82
3 Tome of clear Thought (Intelligence+3)    USD$ 22.82
Staff of the Necromancer    USD$ 28.39
Ancient Gemstone    USD$ 34.23
Archaic Device    USD$ 34.23
Pale Rod    USD$ 14.19
Grave Wrappings    USD$ 42.78
Embrace of the Spider Queen    USD$ 79.39
Hide of the Goristro    USD$ 34.09
Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate    USD$ 22.69
Spider-spun Caparison    USD$ 42.59
Spidersilk Robes    USD$ 56.69
Stone Heart    USD$ 51.19
Flawless Green Dragon Scale    USD$ 42.59
Greater Law Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Fire Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Arcane Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Earth Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Evil Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Air Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Good Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Divine Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Body Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Water Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Mind Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Greater Chaos Essences*50    USD$ 4.59
Large Collectables Bag    USD$ 14.39
+3 greater heart of wood    USD$ 35.29
Atonement    USD$ 9.49
Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone    USD$ 22.69
+2 CHA Tome    USD$ 4.89
+2 CON Tome    USD$ 6.89
+2 DEX Tome    USD$ 4.89
+2 INT Tome    USD$ 4.89
+2 STR Tome    USD$ 4.89
+2 WIS Tome    USD$ 4.89
100 Elixirs of Major Mnemonic Enhancement    USD$ 68.46
50 Elixirs of Major Mnemonic Enhancement    USD$ 28.99
Ancient Band    USD$ 99.82
Beholder Optic Nerves    USD$ 34.19
Belt of Thoughtful Rememberance    USD$ 8.59
Belt of Tongue    USD$ 9.79
Black Dragon Scales *20    USD$ 85.19
Bloodstone    USD$ 22.69
Blue Dragon Scales *20    USD$ 107.79
Bluefire Necklace    USD$ 73.69
Boots of the Innocent    USD$ 8.59
Cloak of Curses    USD$ 4.89
Cloak of Ice    USD$ 14.19
Demon's Blood    USD$ 9.99
Devil's Keepsake    USD$ 9.99
Diluted Material Essence    USD$ 9.79
Docent of Defiance    USD$ 51.34
Docent of Quickening    USD$ 56.69
Electric Haze    USD$ 68.19
Epic Dungeon Tokens    USD$ 8.89
Epic Raid Tokens    USD$ 12.79
Ethereal Bracers    USD$ 11.39
Even Epic Dungeon Fragments *100    USD$ 9.79
Exceptional Siberys Dragonshard    USD$ 6.89
Eye of the Beholder    USD$ 62.39
Firestorm Greaves    USD$ 57.05
Flawless Red Dragon Scales    USD$ 28.39
Flawless Red Dragon Scales *20    USD$ 565.89
Flawless Siberys Dragonshard    USD$ 14.19
Golden Greaves    USD$ 14.19
Icy Burst Kits    USD$ 6.89
Inferno Bracers    USD$ 17.09
Intricate Field Optics    USD$ 154.03
Jinx's Vexation Medium Armor    USD$ 19.96
Jorgundal's Collar    USD$ 131.21
Kardin's Eye    USD$ 22.69
Large Devil Scales*5    USD$ 56.69
Large Glowing Arrowheads *5    USD$ 12.79
Large Gnawed Bones *5    USD$ 8.69
Large Length of Infernal Chain *5    USD$ 8.69
Large Splintered Horn *5    USD$ 8.89
Large Sulfurous Stone    USD$ 9.99
Large Sulfurous Stones *5    USD$ 49.99
Large Twisted Shrapnel *5    USD$ 42.59
Melri's Breath    USD$ 13.29
Mentau's Goggles    USD$ 22.69
Mysterious Artifact    USD$ 3.99
Pale Lavender Ioun Stone    USD$ 22.69
Planar Gird    USD$ 14.19
Remlin's Step    USD$ 8.59
Ring of Shadows    USD$ 131.21
Ring of Spell Storing    USD$ 45.39
Ring of the Ancestors    USD$ 34.09
Ring of the Djinn    USD$ 131.21
Robe of the Magi    USD$ 22.69
Royal Guard Mask    USD$ 73.69
Scourge Choker    USD$ 45.39
Scroll of the Belt of the Mroranon    USD$ 22.19
Scroll of the Boots of Corrosion    USD$ 26.09
Scroll of the Bracers of the Claw    USD$ 70.89
Scroll of the Charged Gauntlets    USD$ 28.09
Scroll of the Cloak of the Silver Concord    USD$ 19.29
Scroll of the Diabolist’s Docent    USD$ 18.99
Scroll of the Elder’s Cap    USD$ 18.99
Scroll of the Envenomed Cloak    USD$ 85.09
Scroll of the Full Plate of the Ringleader    USD$ 28.89
Scroll of the Gem of Many Facet’s    USD$ 18.99
Scroll of the Gloves of the Claw    USD$ 119.79
Scroll of the Goggles of Time Sensing    USD$ 12.09
Scroll of the Greater Vulkoor's Might Set    USD$ 239.19
Scroll of the Hellstroke Great Axe    USD$ 12.09
Scroll of the Helm of Frost    USD$ 56.69
Scroll of the Infested Armor    USD$ 12.09
Scroll of the Jidz-Tet’ka    USD$ 36.29
Scroll of the Marilith Chain    USD$ 42.59
Scroll of the Ring of spell storing    USD$ 42.59
Scroll of the Sacred Helm    USD$ 12.09
Scroll of the Scorched Bracers    USD$ 56.69
Scroll of the Staff of Nat Gann    USD$ 12.09
Scroll of the Sword of Shadow    USD$ 186.79
Scroll of the Twisted Talisman    USD$ 19.29
Seal of the Boots of Corrosion    USD$ 78.99
Seal of the Charged Gauntlets    USD$ 78.99
Seal of the Envenomed Cloak    USD$ 91.19
Seal of the Helm of Frost    USD$ 78.99
Seal of the Scorched Bracers    USD$ 67.29
Shaman’s Beads    USD$ 12.09
Shard of the Boots of Corrosion    USD$ 144.09
Shard of the Charged Gauntlets    USD$ 144.09
Shard of the Envenomed Cloak    USD$ 191.19
Shard of the Helm of Frost    USD$ 144.09
Shard of the Scorched Bracers    USD$ 119.59
Shield:Fragment 1- Shield:Fragment 8    USD$ 64.29
Spectral Gloves    USD$ 17.19
Spiked Boots    USD$ 131.21
USD$ 19.90
Sun Blade Short Sword (light)    USD$ 11.39
Tome:Legend I - Tome:Legend VIII    USD$ 56.69
Tome:Legend VII    USD$ 14.39
Tome:Legend VIII    USD$ 51.09
White Dragon Scales *20    USD$ 85.09
Any blank Green Steel Weapon    USD$ 51.09
Any blank Green Steel Jewelry    USD$ 45.39
Abi Sa 5 scroll    USD$ 123.09
Large Synthesis Package    USD$ 34.29
Medium Synthesis Package    USD$ 29.39
Small Synthesis Package    USD$ 19.59
Large Devil Scales    USD$ 11.39
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