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  • Aion the South Korea MMORPG game is welcomed around the whole world, it enable 2 forms of battle in a fantasy game environment: PVP,PVE. Player can enjoy great game fun and astounding game graphic. It gets popularity around the world since its launch, especially welcomed in Asia with 3.5 million subscribers in 2009. Aion: assault on balaurea was the first major expansion pack released to North America and European region in 2010. During 2012, Aion become free to play on the whole western world. IGXE have been follow the track of Aion since the first day, here we provide you powerful weapon items ,gold and power leveling service for this game with reasonable price! Assist you to get better game experience!
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NCsoft launched Aion in Europe on 25 September 2009.  There are two editions including Standard Editions and Collectors Edition. The last one incorporates many in-game items including posters, figurines and the Official Aion Soundtrack CD derived from composer Yang Bang-Ean. It is known as Ryo Kunihiko in Japan. The in-game currency of Aion is Kinah and Kinah gold. When the in-game currency is shortage in the gameplay of Aion EU, the gamers can go for purchasing Aion-EU Kinah at the professional online gaming house, igxe.com to purchase the updated weapons and armors to adorn the character of the gamer.

Aion comes out as a MMORPG and NCsoft launched this game. This game blends with PvP and PvE. It is a concept known as PvPvE according to the developer. Aion is in the imaginary setting. On 20 May 2009, Aion has gained 3.5 million subscribers in Asia. The first prime expansion pack was launched in NA and Europe on 7 September 2010. It was named as Assault on Balaurea. On 29 February 2012, AION turned out to be free-to-play in Europe with a restricted set of options about accumulating, trading and chatting. The gamers can buy Aion - EU Kinah gold at IGXE in the most affordable cost to procure the updated weapons and armors to adorn their characters. A decorated character can act well in the diverse missions and battles.

Guiding the players to the game
Getting into Aion, the gamers need to login in first. Then, the gamer require choosing a Race and Class via the character creation method. Having logged into the game, the gamer is to insert the name of the account and password in the provided field. It is to click the OK button. It brings the gamer to the User Agreement screen. Hence, the gamer need to click on the accept button to continue. The gamer needs to select a server name and make a character as well. Aion - EU Kinah is available at igxe.com for those avid gamers that are like to seize the upper hand in the very beginning of the game. There is the option that helps the gamer alter and adapt the diverse Graphic and Sound settings. The screen of credits make all the individuals engage in making and keeping the game. The gamer needs to click the ESC key for leaving. The option like quit indicates that there is the shutting down of the game client. It brings the gamer back to the desktop.

The gamer can be played with its character on the server where the character was made. The characters cannot be relocated to the other server. The gamers can now list the number of characters for which the gamer does have on that server. There are optimum numbers of eight characters for the whole account. Buy Aion - EU Kinah at IGXE and get into the game with vigor. Selecting a race is very vital. The gamer can go through the lore of Aion before choosing the race. Choosing a race upon a specific server, the server is to be only able to make the characters of that race over that server. Venturing the other side, the gamer requires selecting a diverse server for that race. The gamer can also delete all the characters over a server to begin with the preferred race.

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