Affiliate Program Tips

  • We pay you 15% commissions of the dollar amount for each order made from a customer that you refer to IGXE.
  • You get a short affiliate URL, and tracking your commissions report too.
  • You earn another 1% of your referred new partner's sales (tier 2).
  • We offer you the lowest pay-out ever at $50 in per month 25th, or you could choose in-game products or anything you want to be your rewards.
  • We welcome any kind of marketing method, and you will earn commissions easily.

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IGXE is a Professional In-Game service provider, which supplies including Power Leveling, Items, CD keys game collectibles for about 700 popular video games. IGXE was established in 2003 and over 1000,000 members from all over the world enjoy our outstanding service.
We sincerely invite you to join IGXE. Take the opportunity today and be a memb
er of our affiliate program, earn an extra considerable revenue

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1) discourages any spam. We will terminate an affiliate account once a valid complaint reported.
2) We pay for every sale through your ads. The minimum payment is $50. Payment will be sent around 25th of every month. 3) reserves the right of final interpretation.

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