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  • IGXE offers Anarchy Online Credits (AO Credits) and Anarchy Online Power Leveling (AO Power Leveling) for gamers. Anarchy Online is the first to use science fiction setting, rather than medieval fantasy setting online role-playing game. Almost each of Rubi-Ka futuristic environments is very delicate attractive, also their well-designed enviroments really make you feel your character is exploring a completely different world.

    The background of Anarchy Online world is set in the distant future, a big desert world " Rubi-Ka ". The two camps killing each other in order to compete the rare mineral “Notum” which only produced in “Rubi-Ka”. Because Notum is the Key-material of making nano-technology goods, and these applications of nanotechnology can provide people the most Strong force which similar the magic. Before one party has taken control of Rubi-Ka's camp called Omni-Tek, while the other tried to escape from the Omni-Tek control is in the hands of the so-called "rebels." Thus, a seemingly never-ending war started that way. Of course, players can also choose a third camp, which is the neutral camp for the game.

    Anarchy Online is one of the few Sci-Fi based also very popular MMORPG. the reason is Anarchy Online is the first game that come out the idea of instanced dungeon. It has been widely applied to many MMORPG on, for example, EQ, WOW, EQ2, etc.
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IGXE has come out as one of the most thriving internet gaming traders around the word. This online game-trading house has been offering the Credits, power leveling service, CD Keys and other items over the years. Now, the gamers can enjoy playing Anarchy Online with the accumulation of Cheap AO Credits from igxe.com.

Anarchy Online appears a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, MMORPG. The Norwegian video game development company Funcom published and developed Anarchy Online. Appeared during the summer of 2001, the game became the first in the genre to incorporate a science-fiction location, dynamic quests, instancing, free trials, and the in-game advertising. The on-going storyline of the game rotates around the fictional desert planet Rubi-Ka. It is the source of a precious mineral called as Notum. The players think that the role of a new colonist to Rubi-Ka. Buy Cheap AO Credits online at IGXE now to procure the most updated weapons and armors to adorn the character fast.

There is no particular aim to overcome Anarchy Online. The player develops the game via the development of a skill of Character as the time elapses. As twelve years passed by, Anarchy Online has turned out to be one of the oldest existing games in the genre. The players assume that they are to act the roles of new colonist to Rubi-Ka or the Shadow-lands. The human players along with the computer-directed characters occupy the gaming world. The characters can be hostile or friendly. Buy Cheap AO Credits online. The game starts with the player making a distinctive character. It is selecting its name, height and gender, facial characteristics and weight. Every character is also one of the four humanoid breeds. The ultimate selection is the profession of the character and it is identical to the classes of character of the other role-playing games.

The multiplayer nature and free-typed gameplay of the game enhances making the personal networks, cooperating and battling with the other players. The players can interrelate with the interface of Anarchy Online through a keyboard and mouse. The showing off the heads-up of the game comprises a series of windows, menus, and buttons situated on the margin of the screen. The players can communicate with each other by typing text in chat windows and occasionally via sensitive animations of the character. Purchase AO Credits at IGXE to run in the gameplay of Anarchy Online smoothly. Credit is the in-game currency of AO. It helps the gamer procure the best weapon and armors to adorn the character. Hence, the adorned characters can help upgrade it in the next levels fast. Through text windows, the communication with computer-directed characters is carried out. In which the players selected from a menu of possibly replying to the conservation.

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