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IGXE Appeals Webmasters Not To Use Network Marketing Companies, In Order To Avoid Punishment From Google

IGXE Appeals Webmasters Not To Use Network Marketing Companies, In Order To Avoid Punishment From Google

Posted time: May 10,2013

In January 2013, IGXE (www.igxe.com), one of top brand in-game service websites, specialized in MMORPG currencies, items, power leveling and CD-keys, was punished by Google since they take advantage of network marketing companies to improve its website ranking. When IGXE disappeared from Google search engine, customers feel very wired. Someone even supposed that IGXE was closed. Others feel very panic for their unused bonus and vouchers. For this, the manager of IGXE marketing department, Vinson Hall, explained all of the doubts in the interview.


“This punishment brings big loss to IGXE, we lost lots of customers including our old customers.  We learned a lesson.”Vinson told the reporter, “IGXE has already terminated the cooperation with network marketing companies. What’s more, bonus or vouchers can still be used on IGXE. At any given time, IGXE will always protect customers’ benefit.”


What Happened To IGXE?

In January 2013, IGXE received the email from Google stated that IGXE used paid links to get good rankings. Followed that was the punishment to the website. There is no IGXE.com in the google search engine any more. Some of IGXE customers, who are used to search IGXE in google, felt very wired when they could not find it.

IGXE took the quick action to terminate the service and required the marketing companies to delete all the spam links. Also they contacted google customer service to explain the case. With the help of google suggestion, IGXE cleared all of the spam links.


The Interview With IGXE CEO

“ What’s the influence on you?” The reporter asked;

“ It brings big influence on us. Even now, some customers think IGXE was closed. Besides, google punishment gives IGXE a lot of negative effects. As fas as now, we have already lost 30% old customers. Although we tried many other ways to reduce the loss, we still loss the trust of customers. This can not be calculated ” CEO told the reporter.

“ What is your next plan?”

“ We will go on with link clearing, and keep touch with google till we get the rank back.” CEO said.


The Suggestion From Network Marketing Specialists


Network marketing specialists advise webmasters not to use blackhat. Or the website will be punished or deleted. Zac, the famous SEO specialist, told reporter, “ There are many cheat ways in SEO including hidden link, link spam, paid link, keyword stuffing etc. Using these methods to get good will take disaster result to the website. Webmasters should be carefully.” Another expert also said: “The search engine hates blackhat very much. They will give that rigorously punish. Do not take the chance.”


 IGXE is a highly welcomed website by their customers. It was punished because of hiring marketing companies to promote ranking. They realized its serious consequences and appealed webmasters not to use it to avoid the punishment. As for IGXE, they will continue to contact google and make every effort to recover their website page rank.

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