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  • About Wild Terra Products
  • Wild Terra is a hybrid of action-RPG and sandbox MMORPG that you can experience building, crafting, gathering, farming and land claiming elements in it. One interesting thing is that there are no NPCs in Wild Terra, so the only way to get something is to create it by you or buy it from other players or take it with brutal force. And then it will refer to the in-game currency, Wild Terra Gold. What may make you happy is that IGXE.com can provide you Wild Terra Gold in game.

    Let us have a look on the features of Wild Terra.

    1. Huge World

    Wild Terra has a huge space on size for players to explore and gamers can find themselves in this world. It will be so interesting with large amount of special places during the game journey. Players can explore the Wild Terra world and there are large amount of treasures awaits you. You can buy some Wild Terra Gold online to help you buy whatever you want in game.

    2. Gather and Hunt

    What we can know from the game is that you can gather everything in game as you can which are necessary for your characters’ survival. You can take a stone, combine it with a branch and you will get an axe. You had better to craft a bow to hunting. If you want to gain a more powerful weapon, you can use Wild Terra Gold to exchange.

    3. Build and Craft

    Players are freely to build no matter a shelter or castle as they desired. There are dozens of materials of any kinds, and hundreds of schemes and crafting chains. Now you had better to win the prize.

    4. Fight and Win

    There are dozens of types of weapons and armor that you can use them with different ways to use. Players have no tension about be a high level player to fight and win.
  • Wild Terra News

Recently, according to the official Facebook of Wild Terra, both game client and server are updated to version 0.7.21. In order to continue playing Wild Tera, now Wild Tera players need to download the updated version on time. What are you waitig for? Just purchase the access online to join the game. Or now you can buy Wild Tera Gold on our web shop, IGXE.com, which can help you a lot in game.


Do you want to help the development of Wild Tera? It is clear that helping the game’s development must be very important and also the Wild Tera team will be very greateful if gamers can make part of actions from a list that they had posted on their Facebook. The points are as follow.

1. Players can subscribe, invite friends, like and share posts on the Wild Tera’s social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildterraonline/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayWildTerra

2. Also you can leave your votes and comments about Wild Terra on gaming portals like

3. Also you can share information about the game like tell friends about Wild Terra, call upon them to play with you, make posts in social networks and official forums.

And of course, all those who are actively assisting the development and popularization of Wild Terra, the Wild Terra announced that they will leave reward for them. Also our web shop IGXE.com will provide you Wild Tera Gold as good as possible.

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