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Buy WOW Gold on to well arm your heroes to fight to become one of six Arena Teams. From the official news, we know that we players will battle against one team from Latin America and one team from Australia and New Zealand to find out who’s heading to the World Championships at BlizzCon 2015. As IGXE has sold cheap WOW Gold for so many years, there is nothing you need to worry about on the purchasing of the WOW Gold for sale on


Today, let us have a look on the schedule of three cups at the NA Regionals , then players will able to have the chance to take part in the competition. Here are the details of the competition schedule.

Cup 1: July 14 – July 18 (one team qualifies)
Cup 2: July 28 – August 1 (two teams qualify)
Cup 3: August 11 – August 15 (three teams qualify)

What we could learn about is that the three cups will use a single-elimination tournament structure. The best of three is going to come up when the matches goes to semifinals, the best of 5 and best of 7 will come up at the finals. Because of this, we highly encourage teams to make use of the 4-player team roster we’re allowing in this year’s tournament, to allow for some extra flexibility in their team’s class composition.

Next, let’s turn to the Rules. You guys can go to the official website to read the details about the cup rules that includes official rules and sign-up rules instructions. Before you really started your game, you had better to read everything from the start to the end.

There is one outstanding addition in Macro and Script Whitelist. That is helping every gamer make sure that they are on an even playing field. The restriction will not replace the online NA Qualifier cups, but developers desired to present it now to be sure teams have time to prepare. If players feel a vital macro or script has been omitted from the list, they can submit it for consideration by emailing Now, do not hesitate and just buy cheap WOW Gold on with a professional service.

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Summer events are so great, I must buy plenty WOW Gold to have a summer party in game, thanks for your cheap WOW Gold and fast delivery. That is really helpful.

From Toby Campanelli   7/3/15

6.2 is released with the Buffs to Frost and DK's rejoice. There's singing in the streets and praise being sung from on top of rooftops. I decide that I'm going to stay a 2H Frost DK because that's what I like and BAM! I then decide to speed some gold to switch out my Enchants and Gems from Haste to Mastery and spend my Apexis Crystals to go to DW Frost thinking that maybe since the Nerf Bat has al...
read more

From kevin reyes   6/29/15

Still can enjoy a very professional service here, the price also reasonable, maybe not the cheapest one online, but I would rather to buy WOW gold on your site.

From Daniel Headley   6/24/15

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