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  • World of Warcraft - US Description
  • World Of Warcraft ( WOW for short) is a very famous MMORPG, developed by Blizzard Entertainment company. This decade old game can be rewarded as the king of the online game. Its glory will be remembered by history.
    As far as now, the World Of Warcraft released four classic expansions: The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. The level cap is level 90. Players can level up its character by finishing all kinds of quests. It can speed up the level improving by fighting in the Raid, which can get more EXP.
    The currency in the WOW is called WOW gold. Players need it to buy items, materials and weapons. Players can get gold by questing or selling some items. Some of them will buy wow gold from third party like IGXE. IGXE offers cheap price and instant delivery for WOW gold and WOW items. This is a reliable website for wow players to purchase gold.
  • World of Warcraft - US News
  • Give Blizzard Some Praise Inventory of WOW DLC 6.0 Five Close Changes

      As the Warlords of Draenor test map of serving function and constantly open up, the players for the upcoming new expansion increasingly familiar and full of expectation, and blizzard made some new changes in the Warlords of Draenor, which brings players to experience unexpected game experience than single task for wow gold. Below are the new changes by Blizzard about 6.0.

      Night effect regression: now the night effect has been conducted live-fire test server, after the 6.0 is launched players can experience the game experience. See dark moon shine the dim lights flash gold town hotel, should you end a day of adventure to azeroth thoroughly have a drink!

      Mobile map functions: the so-called mobile map falsified refers to when the player in the condition of open map moves (including flight and land) map will become translucent, so players can look at a map while adventure, each other. This change has greatly improved the players game experience, don't have to worry about they can't see in the open state of map scene, don't have to worry about pulling monsters or killed by LM because opening map.

      Copy can be individually adjusting visual effect: the WoD, you will be able to adjust alone in team a copy of the picture quality. This option is of great significance, because for most people, when playing a copy of the team and it's not wise to have the special effects fully open it. Do task, dig mines are ok, but the team copy? 25 people in the same place had better adjust it. This setting can let more people to experience the world of Azeroth’s broad and detailed.

      Unreal innovation: druids and mages can exert their imagination to staves into two-handed swords they wanted and hammer; warriors and knights can also be a mage addiction. Maybe in 6.0 we are going to see a copy of the battle, the soldiers into pseudo cloth armour and a wand at close range cut boss; while mages into pseudo plate and two-handed swords in remote output, this scene is likely make command flustered!

      Regression of the practice arena: in WoD, the practice will serve as a kind of not rated arena play regression, and allows you with your friends, or single line up to 2 v2 or 3 v3 battle, win the scrimmage will award honor points and random rewards such as wow gold.

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  • Uncertain! The inventory of World of Warcraft Five Unresolved Mysteries
  • Senior Players Summed up What to Do for World of Warcraft DLC 6.0
  • Players Talk about Why World of Warcraft still Dominate the Game World
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