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    WOW Gold is the main currency in World of Warcraft, which is used in trading with other players for WOW Items, and buying goods or learning skills from NPC. Gold is the most important item in this RPG game.

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IGXE always provides high quality of WoW items, which includes Armor, WOW Mounts, Trade Goods, Weapons, Hot Class Package, DIY Profession Materials, TCG Loot, Black Market AH Mount, Gems, Battle Pets, Patterns, Quest, Containers and Consumables. Currently, we are doing a big promotion on WOD armor (level 640). Thus, WOD armor (Level 640) is 8% for sale at IGXE. You can get some WOD armor (Level 640) with eight percent of discount. What is discount information about WOD Armor in details?

First, there are three types of Necklaces, which is 8% for sale at IGXE. Glowing Taladite Pendant, Shifting Taladite Pendant and Whispering Taladite Pendant are included.
Second, four types of Ring are 8% for sale at IGXE. They are Shifting Taladite Ring, Glowing Taladite Ring, Whispering Taladite Ring and Knight's Badge.
Third, there are three Cloaks included in the 8% discount promotion. Brilliant Burnished Cloak, Nimble Burnished Cloak and Nimble Hexweave Cloak are all 8% discount at IGXE.
Forth, Hexweave Cowl, Plasma Mechshades, Hexweave Belt, Hexweave Bracers, Hexweave Robe and Hexweave Mantle, which belongs to Cloth, are also given 8% discount for you.
Fifth, Leather has 8% discount too. But only Night-Vision Mechshades, Supple Helm, Supple Vest and Supple Waistguard are taking part in this promotion.
Sixth, three type of Mail are for sale. They are Cybergenetic Mechshades, Wayfaring Tunic and Wayfaring Leggings.
Seventh, Most of Plate also participate in this promotion. Mainly Plates are Razorguard Mechshades, Truesteel Helm, Truesteel Pauldrons, Truesteel Breastplate, Truesteel Waistguard, Truesteel Greaves, Truesteel Boots, Truesteel Armguards and Truesteel Gauntlets joining the 8% discount promotion.
Note: all above WOD armors (level 640) can be purchased and you can enjoy 8% discount at IGXE.

Finally, there are some other leathers, rings, clothes, Mails and Cloaks, which are only pre-selling now. Details will be listed in the following:

  • 8% discount Ring: Sandman's Pouch, Skull of War and Winged Hourglass
  • 8% discount Cloak: Brilliant Hexweave Cloak,Powerful Burnished Cloak and Powerful Hexweave Cloak
  • 8% discount Cloth: Hexweave Leggings, Hexweave Gloves and Supple Shoulderguards
  • 8% discount Leather: Supple Shoulderguards, Supple Gloves and Supple Boots
  • 8% discount Mail: Wayfaring Helm, Wayfaring Shoulderguards, Wayfaring Belt, Wayfaring Boots, Wayfaring Bracers and Wayfaring Gloves.
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Your must the best gold seller, in my opinion and gold is cheap. Thanks for your patient live help.

From Ian G   11/21/14

Your delivery is fast but your live help is not very good.

From Amund Bratlien   11/21/14

You are the best as my friends said and they are right so I trust you from now on.

From Bield   11/3/14

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