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Aegwynn - Alliance



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Celumbra, the Night's Dichotomy(lvl970)- NEW    USD$ 9.09
Rethu's Incessant Courage(lvl970)- NEW    USD$ 9.89
The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge(lvl970)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Vigilance Perch(lvl970)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl945)- NEW    USD$ 129.79
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl945)- NEW    USD$ 129.79
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 80.39
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 80.39
Girdle of the Crumbling Sanctum(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 90.29
Diadem of the Highborne(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 83.69
Spiked Terrorwake Greatboots(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 90.29
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 83.69
Treads of Panicked Escape(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 83.69
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 83.69
Treads of Violent Intrusion(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 83.69
Wakening Horror Spaulders(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 83.69
Cord of Pilfered Rosaries(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 83.69
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 60.59
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 60.59
Girdle of the Crumbling Sanctum(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 70.49
Diadem of the Highborne(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 63.89
Spiked Terrorwake Greatboots(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 70.49
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 63.89
Treads of Panicked Escape(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 60.59
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 60.59
Treads of Violent Intrusion(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 63.89
Wakening Horror Spaulders(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 63.89
Cord of Pilfered Rosaries(lvl935)- NEW    USD$ 63.89
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 44.19
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 44.19
Girdle of the Crumbling Sanctum(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 60.59
Diadem of the Highborne(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Spiked Terrorwake Greatboots(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 60.59
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Treads of Panicked Escape(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 44.19
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 44.19
Treads of Violent Intrusion(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Wakening Horror Spaulders(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Cord of Pilfered Rosaries(lvl930)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 27.69
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 27.69
Girdle of the Crumbling Sanctum(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Diadem of the Highborne(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Spiked Terrorwake Greatboots(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 40.89
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Treads of Panicked Escape(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Treads of Violent Intrusion(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Wakening Horror Spaulders(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Cord of Pilfered Rosaries(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 17.79
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 17.79
Girdle of the Crumbling Sanctum(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 24.39
Diadem of the Highborne(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 24.39
Spiked Terrorwake Greatboots(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 24.39
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 24.39
Treads of Panicked Escape(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 24.39
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 21.09
Treads of Violent Intrusion(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 24.39
Wakening Horror Spaulders(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 24.39
Cord of Pilfered Rosaries(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 24.39
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 12.89
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 12.89
Girdle of the Crumbling Sanctum(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 14.89
Diadem of the Highborne(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 14.89
Spiked Terrorwake Greatboots(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 14.89
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 12.39
Treads of Panicked Escape(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 14.49
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 12.89
Treads of Violent Intrusion(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 14.89
Wakening Horror Spaulders(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 14.89
Cord of Pilfered Rosaries(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 14.89
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 11.19
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 11.19
Girdle of the Crumbling Sanctum(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 12.89
Diadem of the Highborne(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 12.89
Spiked Terrorwake Greatboots(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 12.89
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 9.89
Treads of Panicked Escape(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 12.89
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 11.19
Treads of Violent Intrusion(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 12.89
Wakening Horror Spaulders(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 11.19
Cord of Pilfered Rosaries(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 12.89
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Girdle of the Crumbling Sanctum(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Diadem of the Highborne(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Spiked Terrorwake Greatboots(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Treads of Panicked Escape(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Treads of Violent Intrusion(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Wakening Horror Spaulders(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Cord of Pilfered Rosaries(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 9.59
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Girdle of the Crumbling Sanctum(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Diadem of the Highborne(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Spiked Terrorwake Greatboots(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Treads of Panicked Escape(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Treads of Violent Intrusion(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Wakening Horror Spaulders(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Cord of Pilfered Rosaries(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 7.49
Mana-Cord of Deception(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 63.72
Gleaming Celestial Waistguard(lvl925)- NEW    USD$ 77.09
Mana-Cord of Deception(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 50.69
Gleaming Celestial Waistguard(lvl920)- NEW    USD$ 50.69
Feathermane Feather Cloak(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Fashionable Autumn Cloak(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Waistclasp of Unethical Power(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Vintage Duskwatch Cinch(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Mana-Cord of Deception(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Gleaming Celestial Waistguard(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Aristocrat's Winter Drape(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Cloak of Multitudinous Sheaths(lvl915)- NEW    USD$ 47.49
Feathermane Feather Cloak(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Fashionable Autumn Cloak(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Waistclasp of Unethical Power(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Vintage Duskwatch Cinch(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Mana-Cord of Deception(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Gleaming Celestial Waistguard(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Aristocrat's Winter Drape(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Cloak of Multitudinous Sheaths(lvl910)- NEW    USD$ 32.59
Feathermane Feather Cloak(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 17.29
Fashionable Autumn Cloak(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 17.29
Waistclasp of Unethical Power(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 17.29
Vintage Duskwatch Cinch(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 17.29
Mana-Cord of Deception(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 17.29
Gleaming Celestial Waistguard(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 17.29
Aristocrat's Winter Drape(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 17.29
Cloak of Multitudinous Sheaths(lvl905)- NEW    USD$ 17.29
Feathermane Feather Cloak(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Fashionable Autumn Cloak(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Waistclasp of Unethical Power(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Vintage Duskwatch Cinch(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Mana-Cord of Deception(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Gleaming Celestial Waistguard(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Aristocrat's Winter Drape(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Cloak of Multitudinous Sheaths(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Darkmoon Deck: Immortality(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 11.49
Darkmoon Deck: Promises(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 9.79
Darkmoon Deck: Hellfire(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 9.79
Darkmoon Deck: Dominion(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 9.79
Demonsteel Armguards(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 6.39
Demonsteel Waistguard(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 6.39
Demonsteel Pauldrons(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 6.39
Demonsteel Greaves(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 6.39
Demonsteel Helm(lvl900)- NEW    USD$ 6.39
Demonsteel Gauntlets(lvl900)- NEW