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  • The Elder Scrolls Online News

With the month of March coming to close, players of The Elder Scrolls Online know new Crown Store items are imminent. The Thieves Guild DLC is out now on all platforms and nearly all of the new offerings for March are available, making way for a plethora of new, optional purchases in April. Three new costumes, two new mounts, and two new pets are on the way for those looking to spend a few Crowns.


April’s selection of new armor in The Elder Scrolls Online includes three different Elven designs. The Graht-Climber’s Active Wear and the Doeskin-and-Chamois Woods Wear both feature leather mid-length skirts and halter tops. The latter even displays sea-beads and few extra adornments, according to the official NPC description on the official website. Both of these new costumes will be available on April 14.


The third new armor coming to the game is the Elven Hero Armor. Like the Nord Hero Armor that was available for a limited time in January, the Elven Hero Armor is a costume based on the armor seen in The Elder Scrolls Online cinematic. Just like the Nord Hero Armor, the Elven Hero Armor will only be available for a limited time from April 7 through April 11. Any member of the Aldmeri Dominion would be proud to don this dark green tunic with metal and leather accents. Be sure to check out the inspiration for the Elven Hero Armor in the cinematic below.


Of course, these new costumes are just a few of the new items coming to the Crown Store in April. A few new mounts and pets are also expected to release throughout the month as well. With the exception of just one guar, all the new pets and mounts coming in April are cats. The Pale Velothi Guar is a sight to be seen, though, with its light lavender hide. This guar mount will only be available for a few days, however. Be sure to pick up this guar between April 21 and April 25 before it leaves the Crown Store.


On the feline side of things, a new male lion mount and two new senche pets are coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in April. First in the month, the new Moonlight Senche-Tiger pet will be available for purchase on April 7. This white tiger companion is said to know things no other tiger could know. Like all pets, the Moonlight Senche-Tiger will follow the player closely but not participate in combat.


The Crown Store in The Elder Scrolls Online has one more item from its March offerings to come before the month ends. New Assistants are coming tomorrow offering their unique services from anywhere in the world. As The Inquisitr reported, these Assistants take the place of a pet but offer great utility and service to those that summon them. Like Pirharri, the smuggler unlocked for completing the Thieves Guild main quest, these new Assistants can be summoned nearly everywhere to offer their service. A banker Assistant and a merchant Assistant are coming to the Crown Store on March 31 and each one is a whopping 5,000 each.

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