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  • About Tera Products
  • IGXE is full inventory in TERA gold. TERA Gold is the in-game currency of The Exiled Realm of Arborea, which works very similar to eve, for this can let game time to be purchased with real money and sold for in-game gold. Buy TERA Gold and use it to purchase three types of armor and class-specific weapons like Dual Swords, Axes, Bows, Rods, and more. Get gear, improve your strength and enhance your offense with TERA Gold. TERA gold may also be used to buy pets and other in-game items.

    TERA, which is the abbreviation of The Exiled Realm of Arborea, is a 3D fantasy themed MMORPG developed by Bluehole Studio. TERA has the features of questing, crafting and PVP action, which are typical MMORPG features.When play TERA for an excellent experience, players will need to dodge enemy attacks actively. A keyboard and mouse or a control pad can be used to control the character. There are seven races in TERA; it is The Aman, The Baraka, The Castanics, The Elins, The High Elves, The Humans, and The animal-like Popori.

    When players want to improve game leveling at short time, or make your character more powerful, you can enjoy more of TERA if you buy TERA gold from IGXE. We offer safe, guaranteed speedy delivery and excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Tera News

As our headline says, both Tera and Dark Age of Camelot had released weekend event last week from July 24th to July July 27th. Tera had prepared a series perfect package for players, players can buy the following packages in the Tera store. If you do not have enough Tera Gold to buy the packs, you can just buy some cheap Tera Gold online with a low price. The packs includes Starter Pack, Explorer’s Pack, Accessorize Pack, and Steam-Powered Pack.


What in these great packs are some necessary items like mounts, weapon skins, costumes, and more. And Tera Team has prepared more for Elite Status players, players can jumpstart their game with 25 percent off Level 60 scrolls, and take 50 percent off the following account services:

Gender Change
Appearance Change
Race Change
Name Change
Additional Character Slot
Bank Expansion
Bank Expansion ×3

While after Tera, let us come to Dark Age of Camelot, what had happened during last week in DAOC are as follows, you can gain the cheap DAOC Platinum here. Ok now let us have a look on the Events.

1. It said that A special Darkness Falls merchant had up on the classic-world side of Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, and Druim Ligen for the duration of the event.

2. This merchant had been sold Seals of Demonic Return, which allow users to access Darkness Falls even when their realm doesn't have control of the Frontiers. Stock up while you can!

3. The merchant had been sold Scrolls of Recall, Flames of Demonic Innovation, and the Eye of Fates. Get 'em while they're hot!

4. The Darkness fell dungeon will also grant the following additional bonuses for the duration of the event:

5. 50% bonus to its normal realm point gain, which is already 25% higher than the Frontiers!

6. 50% bonus to its normal experience gain, which is already 100% higher than classic-world zones!

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