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    RuneScape (referred to as RS) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Jagex Games Studio. It has won "the most popular MMORPG game" which now rank only second to World of warcraft in the world.The game has a rich story, a huge trading systems, playability, and popularity. It is available in English, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese version, no need clients download for players. Now RuneScape has more than 170 servers in the globally distributed range. They are located in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Mexico, France, Lithuania, and India. Servers are moved or added as the need arises. it claims to be an average of 500,000 people online at the same time. Just from these numbers you may see how popular it is. All in one word, as one of the most successful Mmorpg, Runescape worth you have a try.

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We know that now battling Gielinor's ferocious beasts is more exciting and more rewarding for players, and they can also have more chance to make elite monsters. What monsters now can spawn elites includes Waterfiends, Harpie bug swarms, Nechryael, Aquanites, Earth warriors, Cave horrors, Cows, Ankou, Dust devils, Hobgoblins, Infernal mages, Dark beasts, Greater demons, Abyssal demons. Plenty RS Gold will help you more in game.


Also some features like spawn rates and mechanics of elite rune dragons will not been changed. The Elites at first attackable only by the spawning players for three minutes or when the players moves to a very far place from the elite. As a matter of fact players can recognise elite from its specific name. RuneScape is really a fair game since players can find that how long until an elite is attackable by clicking on it. Why we thought it worthwhile because the rewards is really good especially for the slayers.

Also official RuneScape website will host a series of events for you. They have had over 100 amazing entries to their 'Design a Raids Boss' competition – and they have had a tough time narrowing it down to their top 9. Also remember that you can also take part in the Roleplay a Raid competition and do not forget to buy RS Gold to well play in game, the good news is that Prizes to be won every day.

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