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  • About Runescape Products
  • Gamers usually use the RuneScape Gold to buy the weapons or armors in game since usually it costs a lot so that players need to gain more RuneScape Gold to afford the high price. Even though some time it will costs million of RS Gold. Let us take the current prices of the hot weapons as an example which comes from the RS forum:

    1. Drygore weapons
    2. Ascension bows
    3. Seismic wand and Seismic Singularity
    4. Noxious Scythe, Noxious Bow and Noxious Staff

    Lists will be in these formats:

    Drygore - Rapier/long/mace Oh Rapier/Oh long/Oh mace
    Ascension - Main-hand/off-hand
    Seismic - Wand/singularity
    Noxious - Scythe/Bow/Staff

    Format of Price Checking used on this thread is the 'b'/'s' system. It works as follows:

    'S' suffix - If an item is instant sold or non instantly bought then the price will have the suffix 'S', when a price has this suffix it is always rounded down to the nearest million.

    'B' suffix - If an item is instant bought or non instantly sold then the price will have the suffix 'B', when a price has this suffix it is always rounded up to the nearest million.

    All prices using this format are assumed to have taken place in the Grand Exchange.


    If something is 78B that means that the last reported transaction was a Instant buy or a Non instant sell between 77,000,001 RS Gold -78,000,000 RuneScape Gold.

    If something is 75S that means that the last reported transaction was a Instant sell or a Non instant buy between 75,000,000 RS Gold -75,999,999 RS Gold.

    Logic behind the 'B'/'S' system rounding: If someone instant buys something for 34.3 million RS Gold for example they couldn't have instant bought it for 34 million RS Gold but they could have for 35 million RuneScape Gold. The reverse is true. And we know that most players would round to millions to keep their own fund. So the best ways of gain the powerful weapon with less money is to buy RS Gold online with a cheap price. Now our website provide cheap RuneScape Gold with a low price. Related games on

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  • Runescape News

Solomon's Store | Revenant Outfit

The latest product of our artists' awe-inspiring imaginations is here: the Revenant Outfit is the third of our showcase override sets, now available on Solomon's Store!

Wearing this magnificent magic-themed set, you'll be anything but a dead man walking. Spirit away your enemies in style with this full five-piece outfit, staff, wand and orb overrides and an ethereal walk animation.

Head over to Solomon's Store now and treat yourself to the Revenant Outfit.

If you need more RuneCoins, you can redeem Bonds in-game, click 'Earn' in Solomon's Store itself, or buy more on the website.

This Week's Live Streams

Each week we stream developer Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find a full streaming schedule over on our Twitch channel.

Check our YouTube channel, too, for recap videos of streams you may have missed, including last week's 1,000 K'ril vs. 1,000 Zilyana drops stream!

This week sees us feature this year's Halloween update, an inside look at how we made the new Goebie Quest, and the return of Good Morning Gielinor!

Developer Q&A: Halloween! | 16:00 UTC, 20th October

Join the usual cast of JMods on the streaming sofas as they take your questions - this week, we'll be featuring all-things Halloween, and what Icthlarin and Amascut have in store for you in the Gauntlet of Souls.

Ask your questions on the forums, on Reddit, or on Twitter using the hashtag #RSDevQA.

Call of the Ancestors - Developer Commentary | 20:00 UTC, October 20th

Brought back by popular demand after our Lord of Vampyrium commentary stream, we'll be giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of what went into making our first ever bottle quest!

This is a must for any budding game designers, or those interested in the story of the Goebies. Don't miss it!

Good Morning Gielinor! | 08:30 UTC, October 21st

Join our morning wake-up show for the best in community content, RuneScape news you might have missed, Bug of the Month, and another hardy JMod takes on the might of our QBD speed-run. Don't miss it!

Learn more details from the official website, click here.



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