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  • Phantasy Star Online 2 is Sequel of Phantasy Star Online. The great improvement of Phantasy Star Online 2 is that there’re more powerful role custom system and more exciting fighting game experience with action. Also you need to make yourselves become more powerful. The PSOS Meseta which is official bill in Phantasy Star Online 2 become essential. You can strengthen your skills through PSOS Meseta which you can find on the professional online game service shop-IGXE which will offer you enough PSOS Meseta to support you in Phantasy Star Online 2.

    "Phantasy Star Online 2" as "Phantasy Star OL" in the sequel, is the section to online games unique "adventure" based on the development of online games. the game will support random map system and combos and so on. "Phantasy Star OL" is the section to 1987 offering RPG "Phantasy Star" series based on the development of the action. "Phantasy Star OL2" screenshots (9) RPG, the game launch, gained high popularity years after first landing orthodox PC platform.
    Genre: 3D / ARPG / Sci-Fi style Development Company: SEGA Operating companies: SEGA " Phantasy Star Online 2" is now open beta, players just log pso2 official website to register you can activate the game. In the " Phantasy Star Online 2", players will join an expedition to a planet called Arks. Follow Arks team flight and the Milky Way, to explore strange new planet, talking with local residents or crusade. In addition to the destination, the task maps, enemies and events are all randomly generated. Unexpected will happen midway adventure story, requires players to complete additional mission requirements. There are eight kinds of weapons currently defined: Hunter use of the sword, swords and spears, the shooter used assault rifles, howitzers, Master uses wand, magic cards, as well as all professional available can always switch the shooting and barreled guns. The game will also introduce more team areas, allowing more than one team involved in adventure, get rewards. Players can choose a primary and secondary professional career, the game player character useless concept of hierarchy, but rather to set the selected primary and secondary vocational level.

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