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Jun 28,2016 Getting substantial information and facts and future updates of FFXIV XIV
Jun 28,2016 The recent patch notes in Star Wars The Old Republic .
Jun 27,2016 DarkVsLightSideand prizing blog in SWTOR
Jun 27,2016 A Few Tips for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
Jun 24,2016 Final Fantasy XIV Could Come to Xbox One by Square Enix
Jun 23,2016 Details & Tips of Patch 3.3 HotFixes in FFXIV
Jun 16,2016 Final Fantasy XV Video Showing the Flying Car Details and More
Jun 15,2016 Final Fantasy XIV(FFXIV) Latest News
Jun 14,2016 EA Business Planning Introduction of Star Wars: The Old Republic – More SWTOR Series of Works Content.
Jun 14,2016 FIFA 17 Journey Model Release – Players Could Experience Growth of Virtual Characters
Jun 12,2016 Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 Preliminary Patch Notes Released
May 05,2016 Macaw Wings Glider and Backpack Combo, Blue Shift Dye Kit, and Travel Toy Improvements in the Gem Store
May 04,2016 World of Warcraft invites legacy server team for talks
May 03,2016 A Lot of New Teams We Will See in FIFA 17
May 03,2016 Square announces ‘Yo-Kai Watch’ in Final Fantasy XIV
Apr 29,2016 WOW Pre-Expansion Event Details, Part One Of ‘Legion’ Flight Achievement
Apr 28,2016 Blizzard shut down classic WoW server to shield its intellectual property
Apr 26,2016 New Chapter Coming to Star Wars the Old Republic May 4
Apr 26,2016 The Tale of the Knights of the Old Republic II and How They Became Great
Apr 21,2016 Announcement about Value Changes and South American Server-TOS group
Apr 20,2016 Tree of savior-The introduction of the Bot Report Function
Apr 18,2016 A Discussion of Server's Economy
Apr 14,2016 Final Fantasy was thought to be a dying IP
Apr 14,2016 This Spring Coming Soon to Star Wars Battlefront
Apr 13,2016 website maintance
Apr 13,2016 5 Questions And Answers About The FFVII Remake
Apr 12,2016 Tree of Savior-Changes about trading restrictions
Apr 11,2016 Trove-Mantle of Power Head Start Edition at 25% off
Apr 11,2016 What are Guild Battles of Tree of Savior?
Apr 08,2016 Fight The Immortal Emperor, In New Chapter of SWTOR
Apr 08,2016 Statement on Trade Restrictions of Tree of Savior
Apr 07,2016 Blizzard Shuts Down A Group of Fans Running a Server
Apr 07,2016 The Interview of Tree of Savior Development Team -1
Apr 06,2016 Automatically Delivery System Updating
Apr 06,2016 Star Wars: The Old Republic, A new story chapter begin
Apr 06,2016 The Final Fantasy XV demo can’t deliver a solid frame rate
Apr 05,2016 The Introduction of TERA Rewards
Apr 05,2016 Scheduled Maintenance announcement of Tree of Savior
Apr 01,2016 Team Name Reset, Now Taking Requests-IMC Staff
Apr 01,2016 A weird FFXV demo has been released, now you can enjoy it
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